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You can totally get laid by asking a girl for her number at work, but there are 2 severe disadvantages that you’ll have to go through specifically because you are at work:

You’ll be thinking that she likes you when really her boss is just telling her to be friendly with all the customers. So you go in for her number with high expectations while she knocks you down.

(We are going to talk about the signs that a girl likes you so that you don’t end up make this mistake.)

The second major disadvantage that you have trying to ask a girl for her number at work is not being able to display immediate core confidence…

Think about what happens when you approach a girl on the street: the second you start talking to this girl she immediately feels your confidence.

She knows that you must be a confident guy because scared guys would never be able to cold approach her.

It takes uncommon, core confidence to cold approach a girl on the street. It’s not easy and every girl knows that.

But when you talk to a girl at work or you pass her your business card she doesn’t even know what type of guy you are.

The levels of confidence that it takes for a guy to approach her at work is much lower so she can’t feel that instant attraction you might get in a cold approach.

That being said, you can still have some of the greatest sex with any girl that you met at work and it’s also a great place to start your journey to mastery.

1. You’ve got to take it slow

Since she’s at work and she’s in a pressured environment you’ve got to escalate slowly. 

She’s not going to rush to give you her number because she doesn’t want to seem like a slut in front of her boss or the customers.

But the good news is that you don’t have to take this as a disadvantage. If you take it slow you can get a nice edge on your game for one reason:

You are displaying confidence.

Guys that have no confidence tend to talk really quickly, rush every interaction, and force the number out of every girl.

I used to do that and it wasn’t fun. I barely got laid, until I understood the power of taking it slow.

I hate to say it, but haste makes waste. Going slowly doesn’t prevent arriving. Slow but steady wins the race.

If you can keep your composure and talk to her slowly she will feel your alpha nature and submit herself to you even at work.

When you compliment her, take it slow. Consciously slow down 50 percent and look at her in the eye. 

Show her that you have control.

Eradicate any rushing and your chances with this girl will go up 80 percent. She will feel more comfortable with her environment and sexually attracted to you.

You don’t know how to be confident? When I was in your situation I listened to a podcast called The Global Seducer Podcast by Sebastian Harris.

That podcast opened my eyes to a lot of stuff, but I felt that I was still missing something.

That’s why I got Sebastian’s Rise of The Phoenix Seduction Course. I’ll tell you everything about it in my review, but just so you know:


2. Develop a connection

In this fast time frame you still need to develop some sort of connection with this girl or she won’t hand over her number.

And by the way, even if she hangs over her digits she can still ghost on you.

The best way to prevent all of this is to develop a system for yourself that rapidly creates an emotional connection between the two of you.

Whatever system you decide to follow make sure that it includes these 2 ingredients:

  1. Touch
  2. Eye contact

It has been scientifically proven over and over that touch creates an emotional connection way above what a regular conversation could.

(This is why I tell guys to do this when they want to make a girl horny and lustful FAST.)

When you touch a girl her body will automatically release a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is called the love hormone because it does exactly that.

Oxytocin is what women create after having sex, kissing or even while shaking your hand. And that’s where it comes into play here:

Instead of shaking this girl’s hand for ¼ of a second, why not keep it going for 3 seconds?

And I know 3 seconds seems like nothing, but you’d be surprised that 3 seconds is enough time for her body to release the magical oxytocin.

And while you are shaking her hand (hopefully not too tightly) you also want to look right into her eyes. 

This takes practice, but the goal is to keep yourself as calm as possible while keeping eye contact. [1, 2]

If you put the touch and eye contact together, you are ready to move on…

3. Learn how to tell if she like you

At the very beginning we discussed the issue that many girls will act friendly just because they have to at work, not because they are into you.

That’s why you need to learn the signs that a girl likes you:

She keeps eye contact

The first obvious sign is if she can look back at you in the eye. That shows that she’s into you. (Although if she looks down it can mean that she’s submitting to you. So be aware of all the signs and only then make a decision.)

She acts nervous

Usually girls working at a restaurant or at work will be perfectly comfortable talking to any of the customers.

They’ve spoken to so many guys that it doesn’t faze them anymore, and you should be no different.

But if you notice that she seems a little more nervous or awkward around you it could mean she wants you to ask her out.

She accidentally touches you

You’ve shaken her hand, but you feel that she doesn’t want to release your hand or she ‘accidentally’ runs her hand on your arm, you’ve got a green light.

This is by far the strongest sign. Girls will never touch a guy unless they are feeling a sexual desire towards him.

She tries to impress you.

Is she trying to get you to notice her? Do you notice that she’s standing closer to her than a normal waitress would?

She probably wants you to smell her new perfume. What about her boobs?

Is she bending down so you get a clear view or opening up the cleavage to get your heart racing?

Another way girls will try to get your attention is by playing with their hair. She’s trying to show you how sexy she is.

All of these signs will happen very quickly, so keep your awareness at a high level. In addition, you can’t rely on one sign.

One sign isn’t strong enough, but if you notice that she’s displaying 2-4 signs, take it forward.

4. Keep everything low pressure

As you are talking to her you want to maintain a low pressure. This means you make her feel comfortable to stay or leave.

How do you do that?

First of all, talk quietly. Not whispering, but low enough so that the people sitting next to you can’t hear you too clearly.

Second of all, keep a cool energy. Make her feel that this interaction is not something special. You ask girls out all the time.

The calmer you’ll feel the calmer she’ll feel. 

5. Keep it quick

With all of this going on you don’t have much time. This means if you can’t afford to make her laugh or really get to know her.

This is the disadvantage of asking for a girls number while she’s at work: you simply can’t connect with her. 

When you are normally asking a girl for her number you get a chance to know her, but not now. Make your point, get her number and move on.

If you take too long she’ll just leave. Her boss is constantly watching and she feels too much social pressure to really connect with you. [3]

6. Write it on a note

When you usually ask a girl for her number — you are asking for her number, not the other way around.

I never recommend giving your number to a girl without getting her number because you run the risk of her ghosting on you.

But you are at her work and this is a special situation, so stay calm and do this:

Write your number on the receipt or a note then say something like this: Hey, thanks for your help. You seem really nice, here’s my number. Give me a call if you would like to grab coffee sometime.

You keep the pressure low, compliment her and then go in for the prize. Usually this works.

7. Ask her as she’s walking out

Think about talking to a girl at the gym. You don’t want to talk to her while she’s in the middle of doing her reps or sweating like a pig.

She can easily reject you on the basis that you’re interrupting her. 

That’s why I tell guys to wait till she’s resting or even better – leaving the gym. 

This doesn’t always work with every work place, but why don’t you try to ask for her number as she’s walking to her car?

If she’s working at a restaurant wait till she takes a lunch break. Make time work to your advantage. 

8. Don’t wait to ask for her number

The second you see a hot chick and you want to date her, go for it. 

Use the 3 second rule:

The more you think about her, the more fear you’ll experience. And the more fearful you are, the more creepy you’ll be.

The opposite being confident with girls is being a creepy around girls.

That means the moment you decide to approach that girl, you go right away. You give your mind no time to think of the worst possible situation.

Make sure you balance yourself with this because you never want to rush, but you still can’t give your mind enough time to think.

Just do it.

9. Dealing with the rejection

Dealing with rejection isn’t easy, but you’re not alone. 

Every successful pickup artist or ‘Casanova’ has been rejected over and over and over. Even a 10% success rate is good for them.

Not every girl will like you and that’s fine. There is never a reason to take rejection personally. 

Think about it this way: she just gave you a free coaching session! She just told you exactly what never to do again!

And plus maybe you wrote your number down on a note and she never called you back – so what! That doesn’t even count as a rejection…

Maybe you can call that a “passive rejection,” but it’s nothing to get emotional about. Every time you get rejected take it as a sign that you are growing.


Getting a girls number at work is never easy, especially if you are just starting out in the dating scene.

If you are a beginner I would stay clear of these ‘complex’ situations and focus more on cold approaching. That’ll 10X your confidence in no time.

Now if you are anything like me a great course is the number one thing that you are looking for. But there are so many fake gurus around here, so which one do you pick?

Pick the one I picked: The Rise of The Phoenix by Sebastian Harris. I won’t bore you with the details because you’re about to ready my full review, but…


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