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April 21

How To Ask a GIRL For Her Number In 11 SEXY Ways


Gosh, learning about how to ask a girl for her number is super important if you are planning on getting laid on a regular basis.

Sleeping with a girl starts with the moment you ask her for the number, because that’ll give you the date and the ability to take her home.

Now just to clarify:

I have a separate post about getting a girl’s number. That’s about the bird’s eye view. If you are looking for that bigger picture read how to get a girl’s number first then get back here.

This post is about getting into the nitty gritties. How exactly you need to ask and what to say, you are here for the details, so let’s get started.

1. Don’t do the begging way

Whatever you say or whichever pickup line you use, never say it in a begging way. Never beg for love.

And you already know why – it’s because you’ll come off as needy. Needy, beta males have zero attraction to women.

You want to ask a woman for her number with a sense of entitlement. You need to feel deserving of her love.

Here are some funny examples of the most ‘loserish begging’ that I found on quora:

  1. “Please please please can I have your number? I really want to go out with you some time. Don’t say no. I want this super badly.”
  2. “Girl, Hey um … female person … those … I uh I me-mean your phone … the dig-digits on it … can I ha-have all of the numbers of it?”
  3. “Hey … your boobs … they’re, they’re very nice … can I have your number?”

Although the goal of not being a beggar is actually to be direct…

2. the direct way

When you are begging for her number and you aren’t being clear about what you want, she thinks that you have some hidden agenda.

There is nothing worse than saying “I was wondering if I could have your number.” That is the greatest display of low self-confidence.

But if you can tell a girl “hey, you are so cute, let’s hangout sometime, what’s your number?” – now she knows why you want her.

The direct way is the opposite of being direct is being creepy. You have nothing to hide from her. This is how you avoid the friend zone.

Say something like this:

  1. You are super hot, let’s hang out later, what’s your number?
  2. I like you and you like me, let’s go out sometime, what’s your number?

It doesn’t have to be super smooth or flattering, but it tells her exactly what you want while making her feel safe giving you her number.

Of course, this takes confidence, that’s why I’m going to share with you a top quality course with you right now that will make you confident:

Core Confidence – Rapid Confidence Development Program (RCDP).

The creator of this course is called Micheal Bernoff. He‘s from a small town in New Jersey and learnt how to communicate so effectively that he’s been consulting fortune 500 companies.

Working with NLP and all the other types of power therapy he created a new methodology called Human Interaction Technology (HIT). 

His process is made to unblock the parts of your own mind that are holding you back and get you into the direction to seduce and seduce nearly any woman you desire. 

Take action now so that you aren’t regretting your procrastination in 10 years from now. If you don’t do it now, when will you?

3. The flattering way

After you’ve cleared out all the neediness inside of you, you are free to develop your own style. Some guys like flattering girls.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as you don’t do it from a place of neediness. Make her ego overflow with joy.

And by the way, the less needy you are about flattering this girl for her number, the most effective the flattering will be.

Here are some examples:

  1. Girl, you are so beautiful. Your hair, your nose, your lips – they’re so perfect. It’s so enchanting just staring into your deep, dark eyes – I could do it all day. Can I have your number?
  2. You have the most seductive smile and the way you talk puts me in a trance will you give me your number?
  3. I’ve never met a girl that has made me feel this way, you have the perfect body and the most attractive personality. You would make me the happiest man if you just gave me your number.
  4. You are the cutest girl and my heart pumps at the thought of holding your hand.  

Of course, I encourage you to come up with your own. That way with practice you’ll be able to flatter a girl with an original, personal compliment, spontaneously. 

If you need some ideas go grab one of my 100 compliments for girls and from there go for the number close. [1, 2, 3]

4. The egotistical way

It’s the same idea over and over. Once you’ve stopped being needy – you ask a girl in pretty much any way and you’ll still get her number.

The interesting thing about being egotistical and over-confident with women is that they like it. It shows your male dominance.

Maybe if you can somehow put egotistical and flattering together you’ll end up with the ultimate way to ask a girl for her number!

  1. I think you should give me your number, because I’m awesome and everyone loves me. It’s really your loss if you don’t, to be completely honest.
  2. I am the hottest guy here, but you’re cool too, so why don’t we have lunch together. What’s your number?
  3. I know you’ve got a crush on me, so what are you waiting for? What’s your number?
  4. Instead of stalking me why don’t you give me your number?
  5. All the girls love me so you better put a picture of yourself in my phone so that I don’t forget about you.
  6. Not sure if I’ll have time to hang out with you, but you’ve got nothing to lose by giving me your number.
  7. Listen, all the girls like me, but I kinda like you. So why don’t you give me your number and we’ll meet up some time?

You’ve got plenty of options, just make her feel that she’s privileged to talk to you. That is the egotistical way.

5. The smooth way

The smooth guy isn’t being creepy at all, he’s just not making a big deal of asking for her number.

To him getting a girls number is an everyday occurrence. That’s why he can easily brush off any rejection. Girls love this type. 

  1. Hey can I have your number? It’s chill if you don’t wanna give it to me though. Whatevs.
  2. Hey cutie, how about you give me your number and we’ll go out for a smoothie some time?
  3. What up girl, put your number in my phone and we’ll get a drink some time, don’t worry it’s all cool.

The smooth guy isn’t about what he says. He’s about how he says it.

He asks for her number in the most chilled, unexcited way and that’s why he’s so successful.

6. Hand her your phone

Sometimes the best way to ask her for her phone number is to NOT ask her at all. Just hand your phone over to her.

Because even if you don’t want to do it the egotistical way, you still want to convey a sense of entitlement.

You always want to make her feel that you’re the alpha male getting all the numbers because that authority makes her feel attracted to you.

So if you feel that you are having a good conversation, hand your phone to her and say “let’s hang out sometime.”

You aren’t asking her “am I good enough for your number” you are simply expecting her to fill out her contact information. You are taking control.

7. Ask her in middle of the interaction

Another tip for not coming off as a creep is not finishing off the conversation with the number exchange. 

Get her number while she’s having a fun conversation with you. Ask for the number while you can feel her attraction to you then continue the conversation.

A lot of guys do everything they can for the number close and then run away because they are so full of fear.

It’s completely understandable and I’ve been there too.

But you want to make her feel that you want an emotional connection. This makes her feel safer with you and makes you less of a creep. 

8. the confident way

This all really comes down to asking her in a confident way. If she feels your confidence you’ll get her number.

Do it the smooth way. Show her that getting a number isn’t a big deal. You get numbers all the time.

Let her feel that rejection means nothing to you. 

Another aspect to confidence with women is making them feel that you are the prize. Stop putting women on a pedestal. 

A great book to read is The Rational Male by Rollo Tomasi. He talks all about why being confident is the number one thing you need. 

You’ll learn why being ugly or even poor doesn’t mean you can’t get laid whenever you like. It’s about realizing you are the prize and reclaiming your masculinity.

9. Go with the awkwardness

Every first interaction is going to be awkward, especially when you ask for a number. There’s nothing much you can do, but accept it.

But that doesn’t mean that you say when you are opening up “I know that is kinda awkward…”

There’s a difference between talking about the awkwardness and being OK with the awkwardness.

Beta, unsure males talk about the awkwardness because they are so uncomfortable with it.

The alpha, confident guy will just let it go and make an emotional connection with the girl. He doesn’t waste his breath talking about awkwardness.

10. Tell her what you want to do with her

Every girl that you approach will want to know what you are going to do with her number, i.e.  what you are going to do with her.

This step is crucial because it makes her feel safer with you, plus it gives her a better idea of who you are.

So before you even ask for her number, ask her what she likes to do – it’s a great question to ask any girl that you meet.

Then when you are ready to ask for the number tell her that you want her number so that you guys can do that exact thing that she loves to do.

Now she knows that you care about her and will have no reason not to give you her number.

11. Don’t be aggressive

You actually can be aggressive, as long as you are following the 2nd type of aggressiveness. 

The first type of aggression that is unattractive comes from a place of insecurity. You don’t feel good about yourself and that’s why you make a show out of yourself.

The second type of guy can be devastatingly attractive to women because his aggressive nature comes from deep within.

He’s expressing his masculinity with that aggressiveness and that will make any woman wet. He is the ultimate guy.

So take these as an example: 

  1. Hand over the digits and nobody’s going to get hurt.
  2. Woman, give me your number or else we’re gonna have a problem here.
  3. Girl, how come your digits aren’t in my phone already?

if you are simply expressing your aggressive side she’ll sleep with you tonight. But if you are hiding your insecurities with a fake aggressive nature, she’ll call the cops on you.

It’s all about the energy that you put out.


I hope you’ve seen a trend in every single one of these ways to get the number: it’s not about what you say, it’s how you say it.

You don’t need to come up with the best pickup line or have the most chiseled jawline. It’s about the alpha energy you put out.

Stop thinking that if you just owned a car or if you just had 6 pack abs you’d get laid. You can get laid now.

It’s about the dominant energy you put out. How do you develop that sexy vibe?

Do what I did, get The Rise of The Phoenix Program by Sebastian Harris. Really.

That course transformed my life. I have taken many courses since then, but that one course is what made my the most impactful change in my life.

I went from being a terrified virgin to getting numbers and sleeping with the hottest chicks nearly whenever I wanted.

It’s not going to be a crazy fast transformation, because everything takes time. But if you follow the steps you’ll be above 95% of men.

Your friend, 



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