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Your relationship with your girl was incredibly special, but you went through hard times. And now you want to learn how to get a girl to like you again.

You were able to share incredible moments with her and now you just want to kiss those beautiful, sexy lips again. 

Your heart is broken. She doesn’t like you anymore.

But before we get into the exact steps for getting your ex back, you’ve got to make sure that you don’t beat yourself up.

You know it’s completely normal to mess things up. You are not alone.

We are all humans and as humans we mess up. We fail. 

But that is no reason to start hating yourself. Loving yourself is the only real key to transforming your life.

You’ve criticized yourself enough, why not start approving of yourself.

OK, let’s get into this:

1. Maybe it’s better to move on

Before you try to get her to like you again, consider this: maybe you were in a toxic relationship.

A study suggests that many people will find themselves in toxic relationships at some point in their life.

Think about it, maybe she was not the right girl for you. Did she respect you?

A lot of people don’t even know that they are in toxic relationships. Maybe it’s not worth getting her to love you again?

Let her stay as your ex if she didn’t respect you. You deserve to be respected.

I don’t mean to say that you didn’t share many special moments with her, you could’ve had the most passionate sex with her.

You also could’ve really connected with her, but that doesn’t mean that this relationship wasn’t toxic. 

So just beware before you try to win her back.

2. Let her rest

So assuming that she is a special girl. And you just got into this stupid fight that led to her breaking up with you give her time.

Time really does heal.

She’ll look back at all the great times that you had together and she’ll want you again. You don’t really have to convince her.

She will tell herself that you are a fun guy, but you guys just got into a normal relationship fight. She’ll admit to herself that she overreacted. 

But all of this takes time. You don’t need to push her by sending her text messages.

Let time do it’s magic. Give her at least a solid couple days to leave her alone.

If she texts you, fine. You can text her back. But keep it down.

She needs to rest and see you from a new perspective. You don’t want this to happen again. [1, 2]

How To Get a GIRL To Like YOU Again

3. Get her to miss you

This goes together with our last point.

By giving her time to rest and see you in a fresh perspective she will miss you. 

Because this is the point, you can’t really force a girl to like you. You need to make her like you because she wants to like you.

It’s like trying to force someone to respect you. You can force someone to act like they respect you. You can force money out of people.

But you can’t force anyone to love and respect you. They need to do it themselves.

You have your past times with her to your advantage. She will look back at those times and think about how dumb she was to leave you.

She will truly miss you. 

You might get a random text from her like “I hope you’re alright.”

But these only come after you don’t talk to her at all for a couple days. She needs that alone time.

You want her to feel lonely. [3]

4. Abundance mentality

This next tip actually flows very nicely with what we just said.

In order to leave her alone you need to let go of any neediness. And especially after a break up it’s very easy to fall into loneliness and feeling needy.

But how do you get into that confident state of mind?

Realize that there are so many beautiful, cute girls in the world that would love you. You are a likable man.

Being needy means that you believe in scarcity. You believe that there isn’t enough enough for you. 

Once you fall into that trap you begin to worry. You can’t stop yourself from pushing her to fall back in love.

But of course, when you come with that energy, nobody wants to fall in love with you. 

But how can you build up this abundance mentality?

You can easily start by building an online business. 

After 5-6 months you’ll start making a passive income and you’ll see how much abundance there is in this world. (More about this later)

You can also date multiple women at once. (Be an honest man and tell each girl that you are dating other girls as well.)

Get out of your comfort zone and start making new friends. This can be scary when we don’t believe we are likable.

There is nothing holding you back from approaching hot girls that you see on the street on your way to work or school.

The more that you see that girls like you the more your brain will naturally see the abundance of women that are out there ready for you.

And from this place you’ll see if you really, truly loved that girl. Or you just felt that you couldn’t get anyone else. 

And now you know it’s time to move on. 

Or, you are now in the place of really giving her time to rest. You can give her the time to miss you.

You have nothing to lose by approaching and dating more girls. Plus will make her jealous, but that’s another point!

5. Take a shower

OK, I don’t just mean take a shower. I mean change yourself.

Find the problem that she had with you and fix it. If she couldn’t take the smell of your undershirts then start doing your laundry more often.

Taking showers and putting on some deodorant would help too!

If she felt that you never listened to her and never gave her your full attention, then start thinking about that.

Here’s a good general rule for you: anything that makes a girlfriend happy and you’ve been slacking off do your best to change that.

  1. Learn to give her cuddle time again with her
  2. Start making some good jokes again
  3. Learn to forgive her before you get angry
  4. Start surprising her again, don’t let boredom set in

And most of all: Show her love again.

That last one includes every other reason. Give her your masculine love.

No girl will break up with a guy because he was showing her too much love. Love is the cure-all for relationships.

Point being: find the thing that made her break up with you. This could be painful, but this is what it takes if you want to get her back. [4]

6. Let her see you having a good time

Instead of worrying about getting her back into your life, why not make your life awesome?

Let her be jealous of the fun you’re having. Start having some hobbies:

Why not learn woodworking? Build your own cabin?

Set goals and attack all of your fears?

Bring more fun into your life. Let go, start partying more.

Start losing weight and get muscular, there is no reason to make your own life miserable. You are in complete control of your own life.

You can also learn how to cook. It doesn’t matter, just find something that makes you have a smile on your face. 

If making an online business makes you happy. And you love the feeling of making passive income then go learn how to do that.

You don’t have to be a dependent on your parents, girlfriend, or your stupid boss at work. You can build your own business.

Now the point of this is to let your girlfriend know that you are good. You don’t need her.

When she sees that you are having fun in your life, she’s going to want to have some fun too. She will desire you.

And heck, when you start making money maybe you’ll want a hotter chick! You will become a 10 and so will your standards! [5]

7. Have other women around you

Remember when I mentioned getting her jealous? Here we are!

What I said about dating other girls is super important. 

She needs to see you as an attractive man again, but how does dating other girls help?

Welcome to a girl’s mind. Girls don’t know if you are an authentic masculine man until they spend some time with you.

Generally speaking it takes a woman time to feel sexually attracted to you. But there is a way to cut through all of this…

Women are naturally attracted to a man that other females find attractive. They don’t need to spend time with you, they instinctively trust the other girls.

She tells herself that this guy must be attractive therefore, biologically she will not only like you, but feel sexual attraction instantly.

The second she sees you surrounded by other quality women, her emotional brain will take over. You will see a text from her that night.

Or she might invite herself over to your place and then your bed.

8. Be authentic

Maybe you did mess up. I don’t know, I wasn’t there! But…

What you can do is apologize. But don’t just text her like “I’m sorry babe.”

That won’t cut it. 

First off, you got to give her some time. She needs to have the time to chill out and forget whatever happened.

Once you give her time to relax you’ve got to meet her face to face. Do everything you can to get around texting.

She needs to feel your sincerity. She also needs to feel your love. 

If you see that she likes you again, then give her a big hug. Chances are you’ll do fine, all relationships have their ups and downs. [5]

9. Build up yourself up

This is in essence the same as having fun, but with a little twist. Here you want to grow yourself.

You aren’t looking to have more pleasure in your life, you’re looking to have deep fulfillment and growth.

You are looking to express your masculinity. I’ll give you an example:

You start working on creating your new online business. You are sick of your 9-5 job. 

So you start by building up a website. It’s difficult. I can relate, when I created my first website I felt like giving up at least 5 times, and 2 times seriously.

It took me 5 months of hard work till I was even earning 500 bucks a month. But I stuck with it, I followed a course never giving up.

By the end of 12 months I was earning 4000+ dollars a month. I gave up my cleaning job and my life transformed.

I had beautiful women in my life. I had a nice apartment and started eating good food.

This is what I mean by building your life up. This is what your ex-girlfriend needs to see. 

She needs to see that you’re passionate about life. You are happy to get up in the morning. Girls find that very attractive.

And I don’t mean the money part although that will come too. I mean that passionate energy that will explode out of your body.

The drive to change your own life. She’ll turn back and see you as a new man. A very attractive man.

10. Make her work for you

Once you’ve done all of these steps. 

  1. You’re making more money.
  2. You’ve lost weight, you are running everyday and your testosterone is through the roof.
  3. You are happy with who you are. You are a happy, fulfilled man. 

Now she wants you. Obviously.

Don’t just let her back into your life the second she’s like oops, I didn’t mean to break up with you. No, now you make her work for it.

You don’t have to seduce her, she has to seduce you. She better make herself look nice and sexy around you to enchant you.

She wants you to like her again. You’ve switched the game around. 

Don’t give in so easily. If she’s going to commit, let her. But if not, maybe it’s time to learn how to get a girl to like you all over again.

Get a new girl. Get a seduction course, start dating multiple chicks and then you can pick and choose for the hottest girl.

Live life on your terms.


You jumped into this post thinking that you needed to impress that girl in order to win her back. You thought you were on the loser end of things.

You didn’t yet understand that you have all the power inside of you. But you’ve changed.

You are a different man now. You now understand that women need to impress you, you deserve THE HOTTEST GIRLS.

The question isn’t about how to get her back, it’s how to make yourself that hottest man alive.

You know that you can transform yourself. You can start earning money passively online 100%, take the same course that I took.

You don’t need to work at your stupid job any longer. Within a year you could be earning 4000+ a month.

You will have all the girls that you could imagine. Sure right at the beginning you’ll be working super hard.

But the beginning is always hard. But when you take 2 model chicks on a vacation to the beach you’ll be thanking me.

Oh’ and especially when you sleep with them! This is truly possible, starting taking action today!


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