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Being able to tell a girl you like her is crucial to if you want to get a hookup or if you want to make her your girlfriend.

She has to know if you like her. But how do you tell her?

You want her to have the same feelings towards you. The last thing you want to do is freak her out.

Or maybe you can suddenly surprise her and confess your feelings. Is that OK?

This is massively important. It’s make it or break it.

Either she completely rejects you and is creeped out. Or she blushes, kisses you and tells you that she had a crush on you too.

Know what and how to say it so you can get out of the friend-zone or get you laid tonight. Let’s get started.

1. Be the bad boy

Being the hot bad boy means that you don’t care about taking massive risks. You are willing to take the risk and tell you openly that you love her.

As a bad boy, you love taking risks. You are also exuding that aggressive jerk part of yourself.

You don’t care if she loves you or hates you. You are going to tell her what you think.

Stop hiding that bad boy inside of you. Take him out while telling her exactly how you feel about her.

She will find you very dominant and that will make you doubly attractive. She will be supremely attracted to you.

It’s the simplest way to tell a girl you like her, but it’s also the one that demands much higher levels of confidence. 

You’ve got to pull that unapologetic part of yourself out to be that badass. 

Speaking of which, there is actually an amazing seduction course dedicated to teaching you exactly how to exude the highest levels of masculine confidence.

You will learn how to be fearless while talking to girls. And you will have this calmness to you that will make girls wet.

I’ll tell you more about it soon, but you can watch a video about the course here.

2. Don’t drop a bomb

The second most important point is to never drop a bomb on the girl. Even if you’re a bad boy.

If I would walk over to a random girl on the street and confess my love seriously she would call the police on me.

And that’s why you don’t do this. You need to give it some time and then after she knows what type of awesome guy you are, you can tell her.

You want her to get to know you deeply, but you also want to get to know her.

  1. What is her favorite restaurant?
  2. What is her favorite hobby?
  3. What does she do during her free time?
  4. Who are her friends?
  5. Is she OK with you teasing her?

This will give you a big advantage for when you decide to tell her. You can tell her when you are simply hanging out or tell her when you are at her favorite restaurant?

What sounds better?

She will feel that you do like her and will feel that you are being authentic. And authenticity is the key. [1, 2]

3. Kiss her

Here’s an easy one depending on your confidence level. (Get the course that I recommended earlier if you lack self-confidence.)

Why wait for the perfect moment to tell her? Just have supper with her, look into her eyes and kiss her.

This may be your best option. Actions do speak louder than words. 

Learn how to get a girl to kiss you. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

Again you can’t drop the bomb on her and kiss her when she doesn’t really know you. Befriend her, start having fun together.

And when you can feel that she’s really happy to have you, have a moment of silence, look at her in the eyes, bring her closer and kiss her.

That’s it. Now you don’t have to worry about telling her anything. She knows. [3]

4. Make love to her

The same rule applies. You can’t suddenly sleep with her!

You’ve got to have been close friends, just not dating yet. Although she hasn’t friend-zoned you.

So if she hasn’t cock-blocked you yet, do this:

Invite her over to your place to show her something. It can be some old childhood photos or your new Xbox. 

Then without being forceful, offer her a massage. This is part of foreplay.

This makes girls get wet. While you are touching her you are getting her body to release the oxytocin hormone that makes her love and trust you.

All because of a harmless massage. Now that she is connecting to you, ask her to take off her shirt because it’s getting in the way of the massage.

At this point you can start kissing her neck, upper back, and most importantly the small of her back. 

The small of her back is an erogenous zone. That means that the more you touch them the more she gets sexually aroused.

Make sure you don’t rush the kissing part. No part of any seduction should be rushed. That is rule number one for seducing a girl.

Now you can slowly help her undress herself and begin by kissing her neck, lips, nipples, and inner thighs. Now you can work your way down there.

As long as you have taken your time, set the right tone, you are ready to make love now.

You don’t have to tell her that you like her. She is more than aware that you are sexually attracted to her.

And if you give her a mind-blowing orgasm she will be more than ready to become your girlfriend.

5. Surprise her

Here are the less intense ways of telling a girl that you like her. But she will still feel your love and that’s all that really matters.

  1. Take her out for skydiving one day
  2. Write her a hidden love letter that she’ll find later
  3. Keep her supper and make sure it’s her favorite recipe
  4. Give her a single flower randomly

The thing that most guys don’t get is that relationships don’t have to cost money. You don’t need to buy her love.

Confident guys realize that girls like him and these are ways for him to give love. 

Picking a small flower out of some garden is a very meaningful present. She will see that you thought about her.

That is how you show your love to a woman. Take her out on some random trip that she could never expect.

Or randomly starting kissing her passionately, turning her on and making love to her. And most importantly cuddle with her after. Don’t fall asleep!

The point is to surprise her and keep her on her toes. She never really knows who you are. [4, 5]

6. Give her presents

You’ve got to be very careful when you give her presents that you don’t come off as needy. Girls hate needy guys.

Being needy means that you don’t believe that you are lovable the way you are. You feel that nobody can love you.

What does the needy guy do in order to get love? He buys love. 

He is the ultimate sugar daddy. Girls love him for his money, but detest him as a person.

Don’t be that guy. And that doesn’t make presents a bad thing. Just give them presents in the right way.

The first thing you gotta do is build you confidence and social skills. Learn what girls love talking about.

Learn how to flirt with girls. If you are committed to this journey and you really care about getting girls, then get the course that I mentioned earlier: The Tao of Badass.

That will teach you everything you’ll need to know about girls. You will be able to talk to girls knowing that this girl will be attracted to you.

Then once you have this confidence and you don’t need your crush for love, but you are grateful for her love. Now you can express your love with a present.

Look into what she loves most. 

  1. Get her a picture frame 
  2. Take her out to Starbucks
  3. Buy her a comfy sweater

It can depend on how much money you have, but truth to be told it’s not what you give her, it’s how you lovingly give her the present.

There is nothing wrong with getting more money to take her out to more places. You can create your own online business if you decide to.

It might take 6 months to a year, but by that time you’ll be able to take her on some fun vacations and make even more love!

7. Gratitude

When you truly love someone you can’t help but have feelings of gratitude for them too. You are grateful that this girl is in your life.

But how can you show gratitude for her?

You can simply tell her straight out.”I am so grateful for having you.” Be careful, you might make her emotional!

It helps to hold her hand and look at her in the eyes while you tell her how grateful you are for her.

This can be 10 times more effective than saying “I love you.” When you express gratitude you are also telling her why she is so desirable to you.

By the way, to show gratitude you don’t have to say anything. Just do this: every time you see her, meet her with joy. Show her that you are happy to see her.

Make her feel that she lights up your day. All it takes is a genuine smile.

Another technique: give her a big hug. Give her a big hug when she least expects it. Don’t say anything but hug her for a solid 10 seconds.

The last technique that I have for you is this: give her a mind-blowing orgasm. You are going to pleasure her.

You are making it about her. But how can you give a girl an orgasm?

Use a vibrator (that’s the one I use). Go through the steps that I mentioned earlier for making love, just don’t penetrate her.

Keep on kissing her body and lick her clean. But while you are doing that get the vibrator that you got for her and place it right on top of her clitoris. 

Her body will violently orgasm especially if you get it on her G-spot. This can be the greatest gift to a woman therefore, an amazing way to show gratitude.

She will feel incredible love towards you before you can even tell her anything.

8. Go on a date

This can also be a simple one. You might not even have to tell her anything.

Learn about her favorite restaurant and what she loves to do. Then just ask the girl out on a date. 

Have some romantic time together. You don’t have to kiss her.

Sometimes the best way to tell a girl you like you is by not telling her anything. You make her know at a deep level by saying nothing.

Like I mentioned earlier, actions speak louder than words. 

And by the way you can tell her this: “Hey, I’ve been seeing you around and I really like you, let’s have a coffee together sometime.”

Easy. Simple. By the way, you don’t have to copy exactly what I’m saying, be original. 

The more you come up with what to say yourself, the more authentic it will sound.

9. Compliment her

I always say compliments are the soul of every relationship. You need to make every girl you’re with feel good about themselves.

This is how they know you love them, but it also makes them stay! This is how you keep a girlfriend.

I’ve written about this so many times, but it’s so crucial that I’ll write it again for you. 

Make every compliment personal. And there are 2 parts to this:

Compliment her beauty

You find something about her appearance that is beautiful, but also stands out.

Start by looking into her eyes. What color are they?

Does she have striking green eyes?

Does the light blue in her eyes have a calming effect? Tell her.

Does she remind you of a hot actress? Let her know. Make her blush.

As long as it’s something unique and personal about her you are good, but don’t just focus on her look. You can also compliment her…

Compliment her personality

Girls love it when you find something special about who they are and then compliment them.

You can even get a little dirty with this one. Tell her exactly what about her personality turns you on.

Tell her how sweet and cute she is. You really need to think about your favorite parts about her.

This is a form of flirting and you can even do this over text if that makes you happy.

10. Have tons of fun with her

The last thing that I have to tell you is to have fun with her. We have fun with people we like.

Don’t hold back. You don’t need to be serious, let go of yourself.

Have fun with her. She will see that you like her, just because you are spending time with her.

But not only that, you are having fun with her. When you laugh and have that smile on your face she will become a very happy girlfriend.


You’ve learned what it takes to make a girl feel loved and desired. You can now see that see is getting more into you.

You’ll see her talking with you friends. You know that this girl likes you.

But where do you take it from here? Do you just want this girl to like you or do you want her to feel an addiction towards you?

How badly do you want to have full control over her with your seductive powers? 

Do you believe that you could be having a threesome with 2 incredibly hot chicks? Never hold yourself back.

That’s why I told you earlier about The Tao of Badass course. The course will teach you the number one thing that makes every girl wet:


With your hard work following the exact process in the course you will be able to approach models on the street and make them attracted to you.

You will learn not only the exact words to say and how to say them, but you’ll also receive a massive 5 week body language training.

You’ll be able to detect exactly which girls are down to sleep with you tonight so that you never get rejected.

Take action now and never hold yourself back.

Your friend, 



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