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The first thing that you don’t realize yet, but is completely 100% true: You can get a girl to like you.

You are absolutely attractive to women. But then why do you always say “why can’t I get a girlfriend?” 

Because you are missing the crucial steps and confidence that it takes to make women adore you. You are desirable as a man.

I know you’ve been through some trauma, but haven’t we all?

I know it sucks to sit at home feeling super lonely, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Believe that girls will love you.

In fact, you don’t have to change who you are, your personality is perfect. You just need to express your personality in more effective ways.

Am I saying that girls will spread their legs for you tonight? No. 

But I am giving you hope. And this is not false hope.

I have been through some incredible lonely stages in my life and with the help of coaches, courses (that I’ll tell you about later) and these principles I have a new life.

I must give credit to Sebastian Harris, the creator of The Rise of The Phoenix course for changing my life, but also teaching me all these concepts.

I’ll tell you more about him and his course soon.

How to get a girl to like you

1. Be passionate about life

The first thing that girls love to see in any guy is his passion for life. They love to feel that he’s got something going for him in life.

That is part of being masculine. And of course girls are attracted to masculine energy. They want to see you create things in this world.

You’ve got to have a goal or be passionate about something in life. I don’t care what it is.

It can be:

  1. Creating a business
  2. Fitness
  3. Spiritual development 
  4. Making remote control planes
  5. Getting over fears
  6. Mountain biking

It really doesn’t matter as long as you are doing something that you love. Doing something that helps people and grows you.

Girls love seeing that. They love feeling your resilience and testosterone flowing through your body.

This concept is a little paradoxical, but when you take your focus off women and take it back into your life, girls are naturally attracted to you.

This is how women get turned on by seeing a guy. They see that he’s getting his life together and doing stuff. [1]

1. Muscular

Any soy boy that tells you that women aren’t attracted to muscle show him this video:

Women are super attracted to muscles. Any girl will like a man that has a built body.

They are sexually attracted to a guy like that. What boobs are to guys, built arms are to girls.

OK, that doesn’t mean that all you need is a strong body. But this is super important to having a good first approach.

She needs to feel initial attraction to you and from there you can take the attraction further. You can even seduce the girl.

But it all starts out with a good workout every day. I also used to be incredibly skinny, but I slowly built up my muscles.

I actually started off by doing 10 push-ups a day. 5 in the morning and 5 at night. That was it.

I slowly, but consistently, got myself to 100 push-ups a day. Even though this doesn’t seem like a lot, since I never missed a day I was training my mind.

It was a while till I got to the gym. And that’s when I really got some gains.

I wasn’t working out for women, I mean it’s a nice benefit. But it was more to build my own masculinity and have something that I’m working for.

Try working on weight loss and if that doesn’t work for you then start with basketball. Learn the techniques to jump higher and start winning.

That will also build your confidence.

Do anything that will get you started building muscle and losing all the excess fat. [2, 3]

2. Exhibit value

Girls are attracted to high value men. And that’s no secret. 

Women love men that are dominant and show that they are worth something.

But how can you exhibit value?

Here the only trick you’ll ever need: just have lots of girls around you. This is a shortcut right to attraction.

How does this work?

Before any woman feels attracted to you she needs to feel that you are truly masculine. Women have no instant attraction to men that we have when we see a stunning girl.

They need to find out if you are masculine or not. Most girls have to test you to find out. 

She will learn about you to see if you are passionate about your life. She will annoy or tease you to see if you take it personally and get emotional.

But all of this takes time… why not get around this?

If she sees that other girls love being around you, she will subconsciously trust you. She will know that you are authentically masculine.

This will make her biologically, sexually attracted to you. She doesn’t need to test you because she knows those girls have already tested you.

Girls like guys that already have other girls who like them. It makes it really hard for those starting off, but take it slow and you’ll make it.

But there are other ways that you can exhibit value.

Have a strong posture. Do your best to walk around with your chest up.

Don’t have your waist sticking out or chest backing out.

It’s also very important to have a relaxed face. You are showing the world that you have nothing to worry about.

Try this quick exercise every morning: look at yourself in the mirror and just relax your muscles. You don’t need to frown or smile. Just keep yourself relaxed.

3. Smell good

This is the easiest tip. You don’t have to change your personality, start working out, or change your life.

All you need to do is take a shower, but on some cologne and you are all set.

Here’s a secret tip that I learned from The Rise of The Phoenix seduction book. Women also love the smell of sweat.

Studies have shown that women are sexually attracted to fresh male sweat. Your sweat releases pheromones into the air that arouse women.

But how do we balance smelling good and being a little sweaty? Don’t get antiperspirant deodorant.

Let your body sweat, put on some cologne and shower later. You obviously want to shower in order that your sweat doesn’t get a gross smell.

Fresh sweat is attractive to women. [4, 5, 6, 7]

If you want to take things even farther why not put on some man made pheromones on yourself in the first place. Get the same stuff that I use.

It all really depends on how dedicated you are to getting women, if you truly desire women you will get the courses that I recommend.

I don’t have my own course out yet, but if you study what I recommend you will be way above most needy men. Take action.

4. Look good

Like I mentioned earlier, take a shower everyday. If you aren’t doing that, then start today!

Women love feeling your hair, but not a whole bunch of dandruff and grease too. Take showers. 

The second thing that girls want you to do is brush your teeth. Have white teeth.

I’m sorry to tell you this, I know it’s obvious, but I must mention it.

Another thing you can do is dress like you matter. You don’t need to buy the top, designer, clothing.

But don’t dress like a slob. Don’t have stains on your shirt, walk around looking like you are worth everything.

5. NoFap

This is a sensitive topic for most men and I also had a lot of shame around this topic. But I promised that you will make girls like you by the end of this post.

So here it goes.

You’ve really got to stop masturbating and wasting your semen. Your semen is what gives you your man power.

It’s what gives you that tough, resilient attitude towards life that every man needs to chase his dreams.

When you let that power out of you in a physical manner by masturbating you lose all your masculinity. Your body has to exhaust itself replenishing it.

You lose your energy and motivation in life. You lose your courage to go after what you want.

But the second you decide to transmute that pure energy into your life’s goal you will feel this boost in testosterone, massive courage and boldness.

That is exactly what women are addicted to. They love a man that couldn’t care less about what people think of him.

Practicing Nofap (=not masturbating) will give you that energy. It will make you that guy that looks at a girl in the eyes and says “I love you” without any fear.

This is how you get a girl to adore you. She won’t just like you. She will crave your dick.

The second part of Nofap is to quit porn. Porn makes you think that you have unlimited girls in your life when you are alone.

It makes you think of women as usable sex toys. You objectify women in the worst way. 

The problem really starts when you approach women. They will feel that creepy energy that you are putting out.

When you quit porn you will start to see women for who they are: beautiful human beings. (Not all women are beautiful, but you get my point.)

Then when they feel your pure, bold energy they will have no choice but get attracted to you. [8, 9]

6. Have confidence

This is the core of what we are talking about. Confidence.

Your self-assurance will make women go wild over you. Why?

Because assertive, confident guys are so rare these days. But that also makes it that much more difficult to build. 

There are so many fears that you need to get over until you have the calmness that girls love. I can relate, I used to be petrified of rejection.

I believed that if a girl rejected me I would die. You can’t blame me because I had such a rough childhood.

So every time I got rejected my mind took me back to the time that my parents threatened to abandon me. I felt those same feelings every time I got rejected.

I took a long time till I had that prized calmness. But you need to start today starting with this:

Social freedom exercises or rejection therapy.

Basically you go out and try to get rejected by women. Do things that would get you rejected, such as:

  1. Propose to random women
  2. Talk to yourself in public
  3. Laugh uncontrollably in public
  4. Walk around without a shirt on

All these things will make you much less fearless when it comes to rejection, but there is one other thing that you’ve got to learn if you’re going to be confident.

Learn social skills and seduction techniques. 

No matter how little you care about getting rejected, no one likes the feeling of being unloved. So you need to build reliable skills that make people love you.

Such as:

  1. Learning how to approach a girl
  2. How to be playful with women
  3. How to text girls
  4. How to flirt with girls
  5. How to turn on girls 
  6. How to seduce girls

These are all crucial skills that every man needs. Get a course to teach you these things.

I recommend The Tao of Badass course for the advanced because of the sheer amount of quality content that you instantly get. But get whatever works for you.

As long as you know how to talk in a way that you know makes you likable, you are on the path to confidence. [10, 11]

7. Flatter her

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that girls don’t like compliments. They only dislike compliments from creepy guys.

But we have already taken care of that when we built your confidence.

But how do you compliment a girl?

Make the compliment personal.

I always say, if you’re going to insult someone, you better make it personal or else no one gets emotional.

Same with compliments. When you talk to girls, look out for things that make her stand out. 

Girls love it when they see a guy that notices something new or special about them. 

Compliment their personality too

You don’t have to just compliment her beauty. Don’t get me wrong, complimenting her smile or her stunning eyes is great, but don’t stay there.

You want to blow up her ego. Make it as big as possible.

The goal is to make her dependent on you for approval and feeling acceptable. This is the beginning stage of a seduction technique. And it works.

Compliment the special details of her looks and personality and watch her eyes glow. If you really want to seduce her follow the next step:

Make her comply for compliments

As soon as she gets used to accepting your compliments and feels safe with you, start criticizing her!

She won’t know what’s wrong. She’ll start feeling like she’s not good enough for you. But since she already opened up to you emotionally she will need to get your approval again.

She won’t be able to get out of the trap that you set for her. This girl will fall madly in love and ready to do anything for you in order to get approval for you.

You are basically her daddy. I learned this from The Tao of Badass course which is all about extreme confidence and manipulating girls. It’s for the advanced.

Although for a more basic, general course that also gives you the option for Whatsapp coaching get The Rise of The Phoenix course.

8. Touch her

Every women would love to have a man touch them sensually and make them feel sexy and desirable.

The first time that you’ll probably get to touch her is by handshake. So don’t mess that up.

You want to look at her in the eyes calmly and introduce yourself. If you can caress her hand a little.

Touch her arms. Maybe first just arm to arm, but then move on to caressing her arm.

But please note that you can only start touching a girl when she already likes you. If she doesn’t know who you are, you’ll come off as creepy. 

After that, caress her neck, the small of her back, and of course kiss her. Kiss her like a man.

You’ll learn more about touching women in both of the courses that I mentioned earlier. But the key is to build up slowly. 

9. Desire her

A man wants to feel independent and dominant. While every woman wants to feel loved, desired and small.

Men are scared to tell a woman that they love them. To get a little dirty and tell them how much they are desired.

And the men that do tell them say it at the wrong time. They confess their love way too early on in the relationship.

Women are frightened by that. You need to give them a chance to get to know who you are.

Wait till she feels comfortable then begin showing your love. You can tell her or you can just hug her.

You can buy her some flowers. You don’t need to become a Simp, don’t do it for her love, do it to give love.

This puts a real smile on any girl’s face. Don’t be afraid to be a bad boy and tell her calmly how much you love her.

Authentic love is what women desire.

10. Be playful

I do feel like I need to clear something up. I just told you to be a confident, tough, bad boy.

But you don’t need to become an alpha male, emotionless robot. Be yourself, express who you are confidently.

There is no reason to over do toughness. If you can’t be playful and tough then you aren’t a confident dude. 

Girls will like you for your toughness or your playfulness, but you won’t be a 10. The 10 has both parts in himself.

There really is no reason to over do it. You don’t have to be intense. 

Relax, everything is OK. 


I’ve given you 11 tips on getting a girl to like you. And that’s a lot. 

But I must warn you that there is a lot more to learn. But I’ve given you what I consider my most important tips.

I recommend that you re-read this post more than once and get clear on what plan you want to take to change your life. Set life goals.

Maybe your goal is to have a threesome with 2 hot Russian sisters. Then get to work.

Maybe you want to have a loving relationship with the girl of your dreams. To me, it doesn’t matter as long as you are growing.

Most guys get a course to lead them on their journey. If you are a beginner then go with The Rise of The Phoenix.

You will learn everything you need in order to get girls into your bed. The best part, as I mentioned, is his Whatsapp coaching that you can decide to get once you get his seduction book.

If you are advanced and you want to get to a new level then go with The Tao of Badass course. This is how you get married or model girls into your bed.

He teaches you the steps of seduction. Either way the choice is yours, but take massive action.

I’ll see you on the other side… 



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