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It can be maddening trying to figure about whether your girlfriend likes you when she sends you these mysterious text messages.

It’s like you are trying to learn a whole new language with every text that you get from her and you don’t even know whether you should take the next move to get her going…

You are afraid to go too far and be rejected, but you also don’t want to miss out on a sweet opportunity.

This is your guide to find out which girls love you, like you or aren’t sure yet.

Here is a great video to get you started off:

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1.  When She starts first

She’s trying to belong to you. This is the opposite of the true nature of a woman.

Women want the man to initiate the relationship. The only time a girl will start texting you first is if she madly wants your attention.

This is great news for any man.

You are so attractive and seductive to her that she is desperately trying to get your attention. She needs you and make sure you give it to her in the bed!

This girl might initiate the texting part, but every girl eventually wants you to take over when it comes to the bedroom. [1]

2. She sends pictures of herself

If a girl sends pictures of herself it means that she needs to use her body to get your attention. Just think about that.

She likes your attention so much that she will gladly show some cleavage to get some love from you. She is like a child.

You will notice a pattern here: you know she really likes you when she is doing things to get your attention.

Every pretty girl knows that she can show off her body and get attention, but they don’t just show their boobs to everyone.

She picked you. She wants to have you in the same picture with her. [2, 3]

If you aren’t sure whether it’s time to take her out on a date, now you know. Go take her out to a restaurant today.

You can also learn how to get her to send (nude) pictures of herself after the first date with the seduction section in the Tao of Badass course.

3. Emojis

If you’ve been texting a girl for any amount of time you know that girls use more emojis. But if they use a lot then they like you.

Here’s why:

Emojis are basically ways of telling people how you feel. This is the basic dictionary for emotions.

😘 = she wants a kiss

💕 = means she wants to have a real relationship

😆 = she’s excited to talk to you

I could show you countless examples of girls sending way to many emotions because they were going crazy over me. They craved my love.

She’s subconsciously telling you: “you see how much I like you, take me out on a date and let’s sleep at your place.” [4, 5]

Girls sometimes like to take it slowly, but she’s telling you where she wants to end up with you.

4. She can’t spell out of her love for you

You know when girls can’t write normally and they go ‘waaaay’ out of their way to tell you how much they ‘looooooove’ you?

Any time she is exaggerating, translate it into ‘man language’ to say “I need you to be my boyfriend because I love you.”

This is a girl’s way of expressing emotion. This is how she tells you I like you.

But to us it doesn’t make sense. Men just say it straight out, no beating around the bush and that’s why this doesn’t make any sense to us.

That’s why we need to learn the language of girls, the language of love and emotions.

You also need to learn the body language of women when you take them out on dates.

That’s why there is a 5 week long body language course included in The Tao of Badass course. Of course, a huge bonus for free.

When you watch the presentation on their website you will learn the story behind the course. You will learn about how awkward the creator of the course was and where he is now.

The point is that it’s never too late for you, I don’t care how old or young you are, you can get super hot girls in your bed.

I’ll tell you more about it in the summary.

5. She updates you for no reason

So let’s say that you’ve been with this girl for a little bit and suddenly you see that she’s updating you on everything.

You almost want to tell her “sweetie, I love you, but I don’t care if you’re getting your nails done or not.”

You can’t seem to understand her. My friend, she really likes you.

This is another way of getting your attention that she craves, otherwise she wouldn’t be telling you about every little thing in her life.

When she tells you that she’s in the mall with your friends and all you can think of is why the heck she’s telling you this, she just wants to see that you care about her.

Practically speaking when she does actually send you these random updates on her life, text her “that’s awesome” and “I love you”.

You will have become one of the few men that ‘gets it’. You understand female language! [6, 7]

6. She wants to know everything about you

The other possibility is that she wants to know everything about you. She wants to know what you ate for lunch, how you slept, what you are going to do and treats you like her son.

By now you know that this is simple female language for “you see that I care and love you so much, love me back.”

Women will never say that “I love you” until the relationship is very solid, but then how do women tell a man that she is happy with him?

She does it by asking in a very (overly) caring way everything about you and your day. She just wants to be with you.

I guess you pheromones have had a strong effect on her sexual arousal! She wants the D!

But how do you respond to a text like that?

Tell her what you are doing, how much you like her and where you want to take her out. Take leadership of the relationship this will make any girl happy.

7. She gets back to you instantly 

This is the one minute rule. If the girl gets back to you within one minute of you writing the text she loves you.

I think this goes past “liking,” she already loves you. She really wants to connect with you.

This can almost make it hard for you to think of a funny or good reply, but at this point it doesn’t matter what you text back. She just wants to be with you.

Although, this isn’t always true. Some girls are just really insecure and respond after every second to get your approval.

Just keep in mind that you should stay away from girls that are that insecure about themselves.

Plus, we all know that the hot girls are the ones with confidence, so stay with those types of girls.

8. She makes jokes

Lighthearted energy is the key to any loving relationship. I always say if you aren’t laughing at each other then somethings wrong.

Here are some examples of things she might send you:

  1. “I am not a photographer, but I can picture the both of us… in your bed” – she wants to sleep with you
  2. “I love you as much as I love ice cream” – a corny joke, but she wouldn’t text you this if she didn’t like you
  3. “Well, I am an unemployed girl with a certificate in cuddling, a diploma in caring and a degree in kissing. Do you have a job for me?” – I found this cute one on a website.

The point is that they don’t have to be hilarious. She really just needs to be trying to make you laugh.

It’s her effort that really says “I love you.”

Trying to keep the energy lighthearted as I said. Once you are all serious talking all about religion and politics it’s over.

9. She notices everything about you

If she’s constantly commenting on your clothing, asking you when you got it and intensely interested in every picture that is hung up in your room then you know you are stuck in her mind.

She needs to know more about you and that’s why she’s going to deliver a speech about your new haircut to you!

Realize that your girlfriend is fascinated by you! You should be really proud of yourself!

It might almost appear strange to you, but she just can’t get you out of her mind. She will notice that you didn’t come home right away and will ask you why.

She will ask you where you are going constantly as if she is your mother. You might even find this slightly irritating. 

If you have muscles she will love holding your arms and telling you how awesome your arms look. I love getting that ego boost.

You will learn that women go crazy about details like these when they like you:

  1. Hair
  2. Eye color
  3. Smile
  4. Teeth
  5. Posture 
  6. Confidence

If she texts you anything that looks like this then you know you have a girlfriend. She is checking you out.

10. She compliments you

This is what you do when you try to get a girl to like you. But when she’s doing this to you she’s trying to get your attention.

She might compliment you on anything. Your hair, muscle, appearance, jokes or anything that you do.

Every text that you receive like this is more evidence that she’s interested. She wants you to take the first move.

You’ve probably noticed that girls always want you to make the first move. Being suggestive, but never really being clear.

She just wants to open the door for you to walk in. Be a man and get inside her.

11. The goodmorning text

I had a girl send me every morning “good morning, how are you text” and all she wanted was to get into bed and get hot!

If she is thinking about you that much then you know what’s coming. 

Think about it. She thinks about you first thing in the morning. You are the first thing she thinks about every day!

You are her living dream. You are her perfect man.

You should take her on a date if you haven’t already and if you’ve been dating and haven’t slept with her yet, what are you waiting for!

12. Midnight texting

Most girls that don’t like a guy won’t tell him straight out “I don’t like you.”

Girls usually push him off and tell him that they don’t really have time. If you ever get messages like this then learn to back off.

But, now she is texting you during the night, the early hours of the morning with you. She is so into you that she can’t stop texting you.

You are her addiction, give her more of you and let the addiction grow!

13. She has a nickname for you

In my article about how to make your girlfriend happy in 10 fun ways, I tell you to make a nickname for her.

I have a friend that calls his girlfriend fluffy and she loves it. But if she makes a cute nickname for you, you know she likes you now.

She might just shorten your name, or she might call you one of these:

  1. Buddy
  2. Hulk
  3. Muffin
  4. Old man

As long as she thinks it’s cute and uses it when she’s in a good mood you are looking good.

Summary and conclusion

You know exactly how to tell if a girl likes you over text, but how can you get her to fall in love in the first place.

Do you believe you are worthy of the hottest girl? Do you think that you can attract any of the girls in this video?

If you don’t then how can you ever expect to attract hot girls and take them to bed? You can’t express your own masculinity!

And also what do you do when you know she likes you?

That is why I beg you for your own sake: get a seduction course and my favorite is The Tao of Badass

My friend I am telling you this for your own sake. You need to change your life, and you can, but how will you if you can’t.

Take action now.

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