How To Tell If a Shy Girl Likes You In 13 CLEAR Ways

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You see a shy girl that looks like she likes you, so you want to make the bold move and ask her out, but you still aren’t sure.

You don’t know how to tell if a shy girl likes you. You don’t want to come off as a creep, but you would hate to lose her.

She has the most magnificent eyes and you need to kiss those lips. But you don’t know if the time is right.

If this is a problem with confidence and you just fear rejection so you want to be 1000% sure that she likes you then this is not the right article for you.

You need to build your confidence. Without confidence no article on the internet can help you.

If you are serious about getting the hottest girls to give you a blowjob and having a threesome with 2 sexy Russian sisters then get ready to work hard.

You need a guide or a course to guide you along. I always recommend The Tao of Badass seduction course.

It is my favorite seduction course that will help you 10x your confidence with women. I’ll tell you more about it soon, but there is a great video presentation on their website as well.

And from that place of solid, masculine confidence, once you know the signs that the shy girl likes you, you’ll be able to ask her out straight away.

1. You catch her staring at you

What do we men do when we see a hot chick? 

We check her out, looking at every little piece of her perfect body.

We imagine everything we would love to do with them. Women are the same.

In fact, women are very sexual. And that modestly dressed library girl would go crazy in the bed with you when she reveals her inner slut.

Women love men, but this girl is shy. So she does what we do to hot girls. She stares at you.

But since this girl is shy she won’t do it when you are watching. She would be too embarrassed. 

That’s why she checks you out when you aren’t looking. But once you catch her enough time, you know she has feelings for you. [1, 2]

(The creator of this video is called Dan Bacon and he runs a YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers. He wrote the best book on seduction, attraction and dating called The Flow. I Highly recommend it)

2. She smiles when she sees you

You’re packing up your stuff and she passes by and as she sees you she smiles. 

Then you’re getting lunch and from the corner of your eye you see her smile right when she passes by.

Trust your instincts, she likes you. She’s too shy to tell you, but she’s attempting to at least get your attention.

She wants to warm you up. Nobody smiles at you because they don’t like you!

Of course, if the smile looks fake or she’s laughing at you then it doesn’t mean anything.

Think about it this way, when you go approach a girl what is the first thing you do before you even open your mouth?

You smile. Smiles literally tell others “you are fine, I like you.” 

Once you start to notice this on a regular basis, start talking to her and take her on a date. [3, 4]

3. She makes herself look pretty around you

I never realized that it takes a long time for girls to clean up, put on the right makeup, and get dressed.

It might take them 20 minutes every morning. And so you might guess that a lot of girls just do an OK makeup job, and you’d be right.

But what if you start to notice that she’s always wearing her super hot, red jacket around you giving you plenty of cleavage?

What if she has this gorgeous face and she looks like a model whenever you talk to her? What does it all mean?

It means she likes you and this is her best way of saying that. 

Imagine what a shy guy would do, he would roll up in a sports car, wearing the latest trending clothing and attract his crush that way.

He might even show some of his wealth to her in an attempt to catch her attention. 

Shy girls do the same and use what they got. And men love what they have to offer. [5]

4. She accidentally bumps into you

You might be walking down the hall with your friends and she coincidentally bumps into you as if she had no idea it even happened.

But it just gets weirder because now every time you cross her path she somehow ends up touching you. 

It’s like she has these tentacles that touch your hair, leg, arms and anything else she can get a hold of.

Yet you can’t understand this because she never tries talking to you! This is the clearest sign that she’s shy, but she likes you.

What do you do now?

Well, like I said, if you are unsure on how to talk to girls and you are lacking the confidence to approach her, get The Tao of Badass course.

By the way “Tao” in English means path, therefore The Tao of Badass means: the path of the badass. The course will make you an irresistible badass to girls.

You also get a 5 week body language mastery program when you invest in the course. This is a seriously good deal for you.

You don’t know now, but there are a lot of toxic beliefs about yourself that you have and the second you uncover and remove them women will lose their invincibility. 

You will find yourself getting more women than you could ever imagine before, and much hotter than before. TAKE ACTION NOW.

Shy girls might act shy in bed, but they will get hot and sweaty when they get undressed. Never underestimate shy girls.

5. You see her friends talking about you

As you gain more experience with women and you get my favorite course you’ll see that you can learn a lot about a girl from her friends.

In fact, if her friends think you are cool, you are going to have a much easier time dating her. 

On the other hand, if a shy girl likes you, the first thing she will do is tell her closest friends. They will talk all about everything that you do and say.

That’s just how girls are.

So if you notice that her friends are talking about you and look at you discreetly, this can be a great sign that you are her crush. 

A girl’s friends can tell you more about the girl than the girl herself. [6]

6. She loves to listen to you talk

Shy girls naturally don’t like to talk. But the ones that like you will listen for hours.

She will be so into anything you talk about. Even things “normal” girls don’t really care much about.

Most girls aren’t into mountain biking and would much rather talk about the latest makeup, but for some reason this girl can’t get you to talk enough about it.

But now it all makes sense. She is too shy to ask you out, but is willing to learn everything about you. 

Shy girls need to take it slow. And they need you to be confident and take the lead.

7. She thinks your hilarious

This might be one of the simpler ones.

You might find yourself saying a stupid joke, but she starts to laugh likes it’s a top joke. 

Even when you aren’t trying to be funny she laughs for no apparent reason. She thinks you are the funniest guy around.

My friend, she really likes you.

I cannot explain this, but every girl that I’ve had a good connection with has had this weird laughing problem where they couldn’t stop laughing at my jokes.

I am a pretty funny guy, but not THAT funny. Later when I was in bed with them I found out how much they were really in love with me. [7]

8. She gets embarrassed around you

You could just ask her for the time and her face gets all red and she rumbles for her watch. 

She might be standing behind you in line and you can feel her embarrassment. She’s always sweating when she is around you.

You aren’t a scary or intimidating guy and she hasn’t done anything that would embarrass herself. 

So why is she always like this around you?

It’s because she feels no good enough to be your girlfriend, but she so desperately wants it. 

She doesn’t feel that she’s hot enough to get you attracted to you, so she’s embarrassed to be who she is.

That’s why she gets all sweaty and red. 

All you need to do now is break the ice, let her calm down. Make her feel that she is good enough for you and tell her she’s super cute.

The key here is to make her feel at home. Allow her to express herself, give her the confidence to be who she is.

9. She offers to help you

You dropped your notebook and the first thing this girl does is snatch them off the floor and hand them back to you.

She has 3 fat textbooks, a laptop, and 5 binders in her arms, but that doesn’t matter cause your notebook fell out of your hands. 

She is the first one to help you whenever you need anything. If you need a pen she will rush to lend you hers. 

She’s always there to help you.

You think that she likes you, but she never really talks much… why?

Because she’s too shy for that, she needs you to start the conversation. That’s why she’s constantly offering her help.

She is trying to give you every opportunity to start talking to her.  [8]

Again if you are lacking the smooth confidence that you would love to have before you talk to her, get the course I mentioned. I’ll tell you about it at the end.

10. She is secretly happy when you ask her out

She’s really shy and (hopefully!) you got my favorite course, so know you can ask her out. 

So you walk up to her, chat her up and ask her if she wants to have a coffee with you. She doesn’t get all excited, but she has this secret smile hiding on her face.

You wish she was more expressive and less mysterious.

But you’ve got to remember she’s a timid, introverted girl. She can’t get all excited. 

That would go against her nature. So she smiles in a cute way hoping that you take the leadership here.

She’s too reserved to even encourage you to take control of the relationship, but be bold. 

11. She will stick around until you leave

You could be in class and even though class has finished half an hour ago, she is just sitting around almost waiting for you to finish.

You also see her sitting in the library practically doing nothing, just staring at you every once in a while.

But the second you leave she gets up! 

Are you being stalked or is she crazy for you?

I think it’s the second option. She really wants to hang out with you, but she’s too bashful for that.

So this is the best she can do.

12. She is awkward around you

You are just chatting with her, but for some reason she can’t speak English normally. She is constantly fumbling over her words.

Then you are eating lunch on the same table as her and she looks like a total mess. She forgot how to use a fork and knife.

The spaghetti looks like it’s going up her nose. What happened? 

She’s usually such a graceful woman, but now she can’t function!

She seems like she likes you when you guys text each other, but her texts seem so rushed!?

The reason is simple: in her mind she needs to be perfect in front of you and while trying to be impossibly perfect she comes off as awkward.

She is stuck in her head being all self-conscious trying to come up with the funniest things to say. This is why she is so awkward.

Remember: the only reason why she is trying so hard to come off as perfect is because she wants to impress you. She wants to get your attention.

Just let her relax around you and make her your girlfriend. Maybe use a little seduction on her…

13. She mirrors you

This is a classic.

If you put your hands in your pocket and she does the same.

You cross your arms and she does the same. Then you lean against the wall while your talking and she starts doing that too!

“Why is she always copying me!!”

The second you start playing with your hair she does too! What is going on?

She likes you so much, that subconsciously she can’t help herself, but copy everything you do.

This is a really strong sign of having a good connection. [9]


You’ve discovered with these 13 signs that she is head over heels in love with you. What can you do now?

She’s a little shy but you don’t know…

  1. Where to take her out 
  2. What to do during then date
  3. How to come off as charismatic
  4. How to seduce her to bed

All of these things are important and you’ve got to keep in mind that you also need to learn how to get more chicks. 

I mean you don’t want to limit yourself to one girl… or do you?


That’s why you need to learn how to cold approach women with smooth confidence. And that’s why I feel I must tell you to get The Tao of Badass course.

The course is jammed with content and you are getting insane value for every cent you invest.


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