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I don’t care if you’ve been there for 23 years I’ll get you out of the friend zone fast. You’ll be out of there in no time. 

I have a post about getting out the regular way and through text, but here my goal is to get you out of this horrible place/ zone as fast as possible.

But because you want results so much faster it’s going to be that much harder. (You’ll need motivation and this 90 minute video will do that for you, but you’ll also learn some great seduction techniques from the experts.)

how to get out of the friend zone fast

You don’t deserve to be in this situation with her. You deserve having a girl that loves riding you in bed because you are such an attractive man.

I don’t care what you’ve heard from your parents, society or what some random shy girl told you – you are sexually attractive to women. You don’t need to be in the friend zone. 

It doesn’t matter what people have told you in the past. After reading this post your entire paradigm will change and you will escape the friend zone.

Let the past stay in the past and begin to succeed in the present.

1. Radically change yourself

Since you are looking for a radical transformation in your life you need to radically change ‘YOU’. Because by now you’ve taken responsibility for being in the friend zone.

But I’m sure you are asking how the heck you are supposed to transform yourself in a matter of days!?

And to answer your question I’ll introduce you to a concept from the book The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman. (This book is truly transformational.)

The concept goes like this, if you can get your brain to think that you are acting like someone else then you won’t be trapped into acting like the person you are now. 

I’m going to assume that your name is Eric. Now as Eric you are insecure and feel inferior around women. 

But what happens if you decide that you’ll act  and pretend to be like someone that you know who’s super smooth with women. Let’s call that guy Chad. 

So in your mind you don’t have to act out yourself, because you are embodying Chad for the time being. And every time “Chad/ You” talks to a girl you are smooth.

I hope this is clear because this concept is so mind blowingly powerful. You don’t need to change “you,” you just act out someone else. 

With just a couple days of practice your brain will fall for this trick. It’ll start to think that you are Chad and will make you act just like him. And just like that you have unstoppable confidence in a matter of days!

So pick your “alter ego” and start acting him out and as you get better take him out to more challenging situations. 

2. Stop being so friendly

The next thing you’ve got to do is stop being friendly. Whether you decide to go with the alter ego concept or not, you must stop being friendly.

This means you start acting rude towards her. You take out that inner caveman, that rough guy and let everyone see it.

Because here’s what guys don’t get: if you keep on acting friendly, you’ll stay in the friend zone. Destroy any traces of “niceness” in you. 

Stop saying “I’m sorry” and apologizing for everything you do. From now on if a girl has a problem with you it’s her issue. 

If your former “girl – friend” asks you to help her move her stuff to another apartment you say no. And to be clear, you don’t even care to give her an explanation.

You are shocking her out of thinking of you as a friend. She’s not your friend anymore, now that she understands that, she’ll be open to being sexual with you.

It’s about breaking that friendliness as fast as possible. It’s hard, but you are the one that told me you want to get out FAST.

Get rude. Get tough. Get rough. Stop being nice and shatter her reality of her friendship with you. [1, 2]

3. Start dating multiple girls

As you are going on your journey to completely burn your old self and bring out the new you, there’s another thing you must do. This one thing will change the way your crush sees you.

Start dating multiple chicks. If you are in college then you better approach every girl that you know.

I don’t care if a girl at college given you every sign that she doesn’t like you. You are going to try again with your newfound confidence. 

But here’s the kicker: you are going to ignore your crush. Act like she never existed. This will make her panic. 

She thought that you were good friends with her, but now you know it’s quite the opposite. You are actively chasing other girls and leaving her behind.

All her beliefs about having a cool friendship will be destroyed and she’ll start getting the feeling that she’s not desirable because you only care about the other girls.

But here’s what will actually make her burn with jealousy: date multiple girls at the same time and let her see it. Let her see how desirable of a man you are.

Let her see that you’ve purposefully left her for other girls and watch her reaction. This will make her angry, but at the same time she’ll crave you…

4. Compliment her

So until this point you’ve built up a confident character, you are a tough dude and you’ve got girls crushing on you while you’re ignoring the girl you actually like. 

(Remember you can do this all within a couple days if you work hard. This is a fast process. )

But now is the moment that you give your crush some attention. As you are having fun with some girls, give her a compliment. 

Here are some example of what you could say:

  1. I have to hold myself back every time that I look into your eyes
  2. You have the prettiest dress on today
  3. Your smile makes me crazy
  4. I love how you touch your hair like that
  5. You’ve got the hottest lips

In all of these compliments you are NOT being friendly, you are expressing deep sexual desire for her and she’ll feel that. 

You are setting up a wall so that you don’t fall back into the friend zone. You need these defenses because she still won’t feel completely comfortable being romantic with you.

The real power of these compliments come from the timing. All this time you’ve been ignoring her, but now you are giving her special attention. 

Because of this turn of events she will feel her ego blow right out of proportion, taking her to the highest level of neediness. She will do anything to hear you say something nice about her. 

She is getting warmed up and almost ready to get freaky with you, but you still have a couple more steps…

5. Touch her 

Ah’ the great power of touch. Touching a girl has been proven to make her like you again and create a desire within her to be intimate with you.

Here’s the basic guide to touching a girl:

First you want to hold her hand in a very gentle and caring way. You don’t move too quickly, but just enough that she feels you supporting her hand.

Then you start to caress her arm slowly and caringly. You are making her feel more comfortable with your hand on her body which will make her feel more comfortable getting sexual with you. 

Then as you are doing that slide your hand to the small of her back. If you’re walking then lead her from there with your hand or if your sitting down give her a nice massage there.

The purpose of this touching is not to go for the kiss necessarily or get her horny, it’s about making her feel a connection to you that is not a “friendly” one. 

You are making it clear to her that you are more than friends now. The past is the past, and all she needs to think about is the now. 

6. Confuse her

Usually I wouldn’t make you do all of this to an innocent girl, but you asked for fast results and I’m gonna give them to you. 

We’ve already confused her once by bringing out the caveman in you and wrecking your old friendship, but now I’m gonna make you do it again…

Your girl now thinks you are ready for a relationship with her because you’ve singled her out and complimented her, but now you must criticize her.

By criticizing her you are making her even more needy and committed to you. This is meant to be another protection against falling back into the friend zone. 

You have already opened her up emotionally while you were feeding her love and compliments and now you’ll starve her from all the approval you’ve given her making her beg from love in the process.

Here are some examples of what you can say:

  1. Do you ever know when to shut your mouth?
  2. Your acting like you didn’t get enough sleep last night
  3. I didn’t know you ate this type of junk food
  4. You don’t have much respect for people

Say these randomly making her feel that there is something wrong with her, but don’t take this too far. You don’t want to break her heart too much…

Now she’s desperate for your approval. You’ve given her love and taken it away. She doesn’t know how to please you. You have made this girl miserable. 

But before you ask this girl out I must give you 2 important pieces of information that will take your relationship with her to the next level and will also give you the balls that you need in order to follow through and take action:

7. Be dominant

The first piece of advice that I have for you is to be dominant. This is about unleashing your masculinity.

Think about a tamed lion. That lion’s been stuck in a cage for 10 years and now he’s forgotten about the beast inside of himself.

You are just like that lion. You have this dominant, confidence inside of you. The problem is that society has caged that part of you by making it wrong to be that way.

You better get out of that cage if you’re sick of being in the friend zone. Being dominant means you tell her what you desire.

It means you know where you are going in life because you’ve found your purpose (here’s a great 7 dollar course that will make you find your true calling). 

Because of of your rocking masculinity when you take a girl out you decide exactly where you are taking her. You are decisive and clear about your intention.

If you make it a daily discipline to develop these traits inside of you, every girl that you meet will feel an instant attraction to you. You will become the sexiest man alive to every woman.

I am telling you this because although you might get out of the friend zone with this girl, doesn’t mean you won’t be friend-zoned by a different girl. [3, 4]

You need to make a permanent change in who you are. At the end of this post we’ll discuss a system to help you with exactly that.

8. Face your fears

This is the second thing you must do before you ask this girl out: make it a discipline to face your fears.

Facing your fear daily will give you the one thing that makes girls get wet: you’ll grow a pair of balls. You will develop courage.

But how can you just go out and face your fears? Eventually you’ll burn out…

That’s why I mentioned earlier that it’s so important you learn what your purpose is. To do that I tell everyone to get this incredible 7 dollar course.

The course makes it very clear to you what your passions are and what makes you happy.

Once you are clear about what makes you feel fulfilled, you will have the motivation to face your fears in that area. Let me give you some example:

Let’s say after you finish the program you realize that at a soul level you love traveling and going on adventures. Now you can start facing your fears in that area. 

And the best part about it is that you’ll never burn out because you’re doing what you love.

And an added benefit is that after you find your passion you’ll be happy with your life and when you are happy with your life, women are happy with you.

9. Ask her out

You at the last step. After this there is no turning back.

You are going to ask this girl out and you are not going to ask her out over text. You have the balls to ask her out face to face.

Let’s call her Danielle. Go up to her and tell her “hey Danielle, I really like you, let’s go grab lunch at “this” restaurant.”

You don’t have to use these exact words, but the basic format is you compliment her first and then suggest her where you are taking her out.

Note that I say the word suggest because you are not asking her permission. You are telling her that she’s coming.

This demonstrates leadership and makes the chances of her rejecting your offer much lower.

10. Get sexual with her

To close the deal with this girl you’ve only got to get sexual with her. And now you don’t need to wait.

In fact, the more you wait the more she’ll lose attraction, but more importantly, the more time that passes the more fear you’ll experience. 

You are giving your mind time to worry about all the things that can go wrong. That’s why you get her to kiss you as soon as possible.

And this might surprise you, but there’s nothing holding you back from getting inside her right after the date. 

You’ve done so much that she’s probably not only ready for you, but is feeling uncontrollably horny to get you inside of her sugar walls.


So I’ve given you all 10 steps to create fast results, but don’t forget to read my main post about the friend zone

My friend, there’s one other thing that I feel that I must tell you: your journey is not over yet. And because you are the hero of your own journey you must complete it:

Learn the basics of getting a girl to like you, getting girls horny and how to use seduction practically. 

Because although what you just learnt was incredible, it isn’t enough for you. It won’t be enough to fulfill your dreams with women.

Don’t you desire an abundance with women and having such control over women that you can get a threesome on demand?

That’s why you must watch this entire 1 hour long video that I think is currently still free to teach you all of this.

The video is created by Joshua Pellicer. He’s the creator of the Tao of Badass advanced seduction course. He is THE professional when it comes to this.

From there if you see that you like what he has to offer you can also get that course. But first go watch that video now and start taking action!

Your friend,


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