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15 Reliable Signs that a Girl Doesn’t Like You


Not knowing the signs that a girl doesn’t like you can set you up for a disaster.


You approach a girl, get her number and go on a date. 

While you’re on the date you totally miss all the signs that she’s not interested in you, but because you still think she’s in love, you go in for the kiss…

And what does she do?

She pushes you away and mentally labels you as a creep!

She’s gonna tell all her friends about you and you’ll get a very bad reputation.

On the other hand, if you can read the signs that she doesn’t care about you, you’ll know to move on and get yourself a hotter girlfriend.

example of a girl avoiding all physical contact which is a sign she doesn't like you

(Be aware: this article is about regular girls, if your girl is shy, be sure to read: 18 Little Known Signs that a Shy Girl Doesn’t Like You.)

 Let’s get started:

1. She avoids all physical contact

Avoiding physical contact is a sign that’s observable everywhere.

Here are some examples:

  1. You’re hanging out together and every time that you try to put your arm around her she moves away
  2. You’re eating lunch together and she only wants you to sit opposite her, never beside her
  3. You’re walking down the street and you try to hold hands and she awkwardly pulls her hand away (read more: How to Hold a Girl’s Hand in 9 Simple Ways)
  4. She won’t let you kiss her, by pulling her head away when you try to lean in

Does this mean she’s lost interest in you forever?

Of course not.

Usually these signs mean that she’s not ready to be more than a friend. 

Solution? Give her time and increase intimacy slowly with compliments and fun dates. [1, 2]

2. She tries to avoid you

This one is obvious, so why am I pointing it out?

Because sometimes the feeling that someone doesn’t like you is so hurtful that you hide her obvious signs from yourself.

But this website, DatingArmory, was created so that men face their challenges, think of solutions and take action to see real world results.

So how can you tell if a girl is actively avoiding you or is just playing hard to get:

  1. You find yourselves shopping in the same store, but you notice that she either leaves the store or goes to the other side
  2. The whole class is going on a trip, but she’s not going and you can sense that it’s because of you
  3. Etc.

Here’s what you need to ask yourself: 

“If this girl really liked me, how would she talk to me? If this girl had a crush on me, how would she act?”

And the answer is:

  1. She would find every opportunity to spend time with you
  2. She would avoid any other guys around you to make you feel special 
  3. She would “mistakenly” touch you and put her arms around you

Read more: How To Tell If a Girl Likes You and Wants to Get Hot 


3. She doesn’t invite you to her family

This sign is clear cut at all because there are many reasons why a girl won’t invite you over to her house, for example:

  1. It’s too awkward for her
  2. Her parents are weirdos or are abusive
  3. It’s too early in the relationship, she doesn’t know if your committed 
  4. She doesn’t want you to get into a fight with her siblings

But generally speaking, a girl with a loving family will invite her boyfriend over.

Why would a girl care to invite her boyfriend over?

Because each girl cares so much about getting validation from her family, she also wants her parents to approve of her boyfriend. [3]

But how can you tell if she’s not inviting you over because she doesn’t like you or if it’s because her family is dysfunctional?

  1. Just wait and see if she invites her friends over to her house
  2. Ask her directly why you can’t meet up at her house

4. She’s always too sick to be with you

Girls tend to avoid guys the same way guys avoid going to school… by calling in sick.

When she’s not interested in being more than a friend, you’ll see her doing something like this:

  1. You ask her out on a date and she’s not feeling well
  2. You planned a date and at the last second she cancels because she’s not feeling well

Of course, it’s possible that she’s sick which is why if she excuses herself once, don’t think too much about it.

However, if she seems to get sick every time you send her a text, it’s time to move on because she doesn’t care.

Side note: 

It’s important to remember that girls are much less assertive than guys.

When a guy doesn’t like a girl, he’ll just tell her “we’re done” (no beating around the bush). 

On the other hand, girls are much less aggressive. Girls will never “say it how it is” which is why learning these signs is so important.

Read more: Why Don’t Girls Like Me: 9 Common Reasons.


5. She flirts with another guy

99% of the time, if you see your girl flirting with another guy, it’s a sign she’s really not into you. 

In fact, it’s probably her way of saying “I don’t give a **** about you.”

However, in some rare cases, girls will do this to test your fragility by flirting with another guy and seeing how you react:

  1. If you get all emotional/ angry that she flirted with another guy, you failed the test because your showing your neediness
  2. If you stay calm and let her know you don’t care if she leaves you, you passed the test because you’re demonstrating your inner-confidence


6. Her friends snicker around you

Whether you like it or not, your girl will share everything about the relationships with her friends, such as:

  1. What you said to her that day
  2. What you did on a date
  3. How you said “see you later”

Girls talk about everything!

And because of that, you can learn a lot about a girl based on the way her friends act around you:

  1. If her friends snicker around you it’s because she jokes about you with her friends
  2. If her friends are really nice and friendly, it’s a good sign she likes you too

Side note: 

If you can get her friends to like you, she’ll be more open to being your girlfriend. On the other hand, if her friends don’t like you, your chances of getting with her are much lower.

7. She doesn’t compliment you

If a girl wants to be in a relationship with you, she’ll tell you how much she appreciates every part of you:

  1. Your muscles
  2. Your clothing
  3. Your hard work
  4. Your jokes
  5. Etc.

But you know that your relationships is heading downwards when:

  1. She stops complimenting you even if you’ve done something impressive
  2. She begins to criticize you no matter how much you try to appease her

Unless you know how to get this girl to like you again, I’d let her go immediately! 

Toxic relationships just aren’t worth it. 

Read what Sebastian Harris writes:

A woman can make or break you. 

Being in a relationship can be the most wonderful thing on earth. But it can also be your death sentence…

Not all women are girlfriend material. In fact, most girls aren’t….

Your job is to read the signs and to look out for the ones who are girlfriend material. 

But I have to warn you: My standards are immensely high and I’m very, very, strict when it comes to red flags, no-goes, and unacceptable behavior. 

I’m extreme. 

But like I said, I experienced both sides. 

I experienced firsthand how destructive, humiliating, and dangerous it is to be in a relationship with a… sorry to say it… emotionally messed-up b***h.

On the other hand, I experienced how uplifting it is to be in a relationship with a 100% loyal woman who fully supports you and your dreams. 

That’s the reason why I’m so passionate about this topic… and so ruthless. 

All the signs that she’s girlfriend material that I share with you in this section are based on my own experience. 

You decide how far you want to take this….

This quota is from Sebastian’s masterpiece, The Rise of The Phoenix – How to Get The Hottest Girls in a World That Wants You to Fail.

I first bought Sebastian’s course years ago, but the advice is so timeless that I still read it from time to time.

It’s a must for any young man.

Bottom line:

Focus on getting a cute, healthy girlfriend that truly appreciates you and don’t let yourself get caught up with any toxic girls.

8. She doesn’t smile when she sees you

Just because she doesn’t smile when she sees you, doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you!

It could mean that she’s in a bad mood… 

However, if you notice she never greets you with a smile OR only seems happy around other friends, something is very wrong in your relationship.

And by the way, every guy knows that a girl with a cute smile is so much more attractive than a girl with a frown, so if she won’t smile around you, maybe it’s time to drop her… 


9. She doesn’t sound happy around you

Here’s a sign that shy girls show all the time: they’ll smile, but sound totally unhappy around you.

If she’s doing this on a consistent basis, she’s just not interested.

Think about it: don’t you trust the tone of a girl’s voice more than the words she says?

So what do you do when you see a sign like this from your girl?

You do not tolerate it. 

You let her go because you are a badass with women.

Here’s how a world famous dating coach (Joshua Pellicer) explained to me what it truly means to be a badass with girls:

A badass expects to see the top ten signals of attraction.

To determine that a woman is attracted to him, a badass keeps an eye out for these signs: 

  • Looking down
  • Hair twirling
  • Leaning in
  • Triangulation
  • Initiating and/or escalating touch
  • Congruence tests 
  • Compliance tests
  • Positive body language
  • Qualifying

A badass does not ask for permission. 

Asking for permission is a sign of submission. 

A badass plays the male gender role, and therefore takes on the dominant position in a relationship. 

Take risks, take chances, and take responsibility. 

Remember, though, that there is a big difference between being dominant and being domineering. 

A badass projects non-neediness. 

Neediness is a giant turnoff for women. 

Don’t try to continue an interaction that is clearly coming to an end. 

Don’t call her constantly. 

Don’t convince yourself she’s your girlfriend if you haven’t had a conversation that explicitly labels you as such.

This quote is from Joshua Pellicer’s complete training, “The Tao of Badass – Everything You Have To Know To Be A Complete Badass With Women:”

10. She doesn’t ask you out

A girl that likes you will:

  1. Ask you out for some coffee
  2. Invite you to a late night party 
  3. Be happy to watch a movie with you

On the other hand, a girl that doesn’t enjoy your company will never ask you out.

However, this does not mean that she doesn’t like you. It just means that she’s not ready to put work into the relationship.

So wait some time and watch out for any of the other signs.

11. She won’t go out with you

The previous sign was about her never asking you out, this sign is about her saying no whenever you ask her out.

If you have a good date idea and she continuously shoots you down, it’s time to realize that she doesn’t see you as a romantic partner.

But just because she doesn’t want you as a romantic partner, doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with her.

However, you will be officially stuck in the friend zone… 

Read more: 28 SURPRISING Techniques To GET OUT Of The FRIEND ZONE

if a girl won't go to the beach with you it's a sign she doesn't like you

12. She talks about your “friendship”

She tells you things like this:

  1. Can you bring your friend along too? (she doesn’t want to be alone with you)
  2. You are so nice (she’s calling you Mr. Nice Guy = not attractive)
  3. She talks about other guys with you
  4. She makes you do stuff for her (turning you into her simp)

She’s reinforcing the idea in your head that you’re just her friend.

She’s reinforcing the idea in your head that you can’t get with her.

She’s reinforcing the idea in your head that you don’t sexually attract her.

And ultimately, she’s putting you right in the friend zone… and you need to dump her ASAP.

You need to get real with yourself and start acting like a real badass so that girls don’t feel any hesitation or resistance around you. 

You need to follow what The Tao of Badass teaches:

A badass can navigate the map of interaction.

Four phases make up this map: 

  • Attraction 
  • Rapport 
  • Seduction 
  • Relationship balance

Skipping a phase leads to predictable consequences: omitting attraction lands you in the friend zone. 

Omitting rapport means that you will encounter a lot of resistance later on. 

Omitting seduction leads to a passionless relationship. 

Omitting the relationship balance phase will cause you to bounce continuously from girl to girl because you cannot form a solid relationship with any of them. 

A badass is able to skip phases or screw them up because he knows that he has the skills to fix any situation that goes wrong.

13. She doesn’t text you the way a girlfriend would

Here’s are some examples:

  1. You ask her how you are doing and all she can type is “good” 
  2. If you tell her about her your day she writes back “k”
  3. She never sends you emojis such as (💕😅😘😍💦)
  4. She won’t care to update you on anything she’s doing

And in general she puts in zero effort into making a fun conversation.

If this happens once or twice, don’t worry about it. 

We all have bad days.

But if you get this treatment constantly, let her go because she’s not worth your time.


14. She’s always too busy for you

For example:

  1. Try to get some coffee with her, but she suddenly needs to study
  2. Try to meet up as friends, but she’s spending time with her friends
  3. You’re texting her, but she was supposedly busy cleaning her room
  4. Etc.

Why is she treating you this way?

Because whether you like it or not, you’re acting like a beta males and girls despise beta males.

Become a high value alpha male and you’ll see how every girl responds to you totally differently. 

Girls always make time for the alpha male.

Read more: 25 Fail-Proof Ways To Be An Alpha Male Without Stressing Yourself Out 

15. She directly tells you

The direct way is the most painful way. 

This makes most men feel emasculated.

Here are some ways girl will directly tell you that they don’t like you:

  1. You are texting her and she blocks you
  2. She calls you a weirdo
  3. She laughs at you in your face
  4. She ignores you

Or maybe the worst of them all:

You ask her out and she says that she has no time. But later you find her making out with some guy.

The key is not to take this personally, to believe in your own value and learn from the rejection.


At this point we know your girl doesn’t like you.

We know she doesn’t find you sexually attractive.

We know she finds other guys more appealing than you.

So what do you need to do today?

You need to improve your value as a man by taking massive action, which means… 

  1. Approaching girls on a regular basis
  2. Doing rejection therapy so you get over the fear of rejection
  3. And of course, so that you get the top dating Ebooks and learn all the advanced techniques!

Your friend, 

Colt Smith


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  • I think you should add another sign that a girl is not interested,,,,when she tries to look for an argument so that if you blow your top she can convince herself that she was the nice person and the guy is the mean person ( which is actually the opposite of what he is),

    example? girl said to me that I didnt give enough of a tip at a restaurant, said to me that I left marks on her body,,,which I didnt do…said to me was late when I wasnt. etc…

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