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15 PROVEN Signs That a Girl Doesn’t like you

The signs that a girl doesn’t like are usually less clear and more on the non-verbal side of things. And this gets even worse when you are figuring out shy girls.

Knowing how to tell if a girl likes or doesn’t like you can be tricky. Guys will be much more upfront about it. 

If we don’t like a girl we will just tell her. We’ll tell her that we don’t fit and that will be that. Men are more assertive and aggressive.

But women can’t do that. They are too afraid to be upfront and honest about their feelings. That doesn’t mean you don’t learn their signs.

Not being able to read a woman’s sign can cause quite a disaster. You’ll continue hitting on her while not realizing that you are acting like a creep.

Signs That a GIRL Doesn't Like You

In the worst case scenario she’ll tell all her friends and they will all laugh at you. On the other hand, if you can read girls your entire dating life will improve drastically.

You will know when a girl isn’t interested and you’ll know immediately when to move on vs. when she really wants you. You’ll save your time hitting on girls and spend it smashing them instead.

But knowing this information can be painful. Feeling that someone doesn’t like you is never pleasant no matter who you are. 

That’s why at the end I’ll give you some tips on how to deal with a girl that doesn’t like you.

1. Avoids all physical contact

This is an easy sign that you can observe anywhere. If you are hanging out together and every time that you try to put your hand around her she moves away – she doesn’t see you as a sexual partner.

You might be getting lunch together and she doesn’t let you even get close enough to touch her. And when you do touch her hand she awkwardly pulls it away. (Wait until the end to learn how to make her horny!)

This is her way of telling you we are not romantic partners. But there’s one thing most people won’t tell you:

As long as this is the only sign that you see, she could be telling you that she’s not ready. Meaning she needs more time to get to know you.

In that case, you are doing fine. Just take it a little slower and you’ll be fine. Don’t tell the girl that you are in love with her just yet.

Work on her and if you start seeing signs in her texting that she likes you then try again with the touching and watch her open up to you.

Sometimes you don’t need to give up right away. Just take it slow, let her get to know you and close the deal by sleeping with her. [1, 2]

2. Tries to avoid you

Because the feeling that someone doesn’t like you can be so painful we sometimes hide the obvious facts from ourselves.

If you start to notice that this girl is actively avoiding you, get honest with yourself. Realize that she’s not the one for you and move on.

If you’re going shopping and you notice she’s in the store too but she’s going to the other side or she looks away from you, she’s gently telling you that she wants you to move on.

Think about what a girl that likes you would do. She would immediately walk over to you and start chatting you up. 

Get a different girl. This is not called playing hard to get.

I know you might be asking, “but how am I supposed to get a different girl just like that? I can’t just approach a random chick in the party!?”

This is what you’ve been oblivious to all this time. You haven’t seen the truth yet and that’s why you are getting the low quality girls.

The truth that every man must know, including you, is that YOU are an attractive man. You can get women. That’s it.

And the more you practice the better you’ll get. Of course I understand, some guys need guidance, and so did I. 

That’s why at the end of this post I’ll tell you about the one course that changed my life. So make sure you read to the end so that you don’t waste your money on the wrong course! 

3. Doesn’t invite you to her family

This isn’t the clearest sign out there, but it can help you put the pieces together when you start seeing the other sign showing up.

Girls feel comfortable with a relationship when their family approves of it. That’s why the first thing the girl will do when she feels that the relationship is serious is invite the guy over.

This is already after all of her friends know about him and she has thought a lot about the guy. But if you don’t see her letting you into her family, something is off.

It could be that she lives in some dysfunctional family and she’s embarrassed about it so that’s why she won’t invite you over.

So what you do is watch what she does with other friends. Do they get to go over to her house? And you can also ask her about her own family, does she try to change the subject? [1, 3]

4. She’s too sick to be with you

Every time that you ask her out she tells you that she’s not feeling well. Pretty simple sign that she’s not interested. She’s just not into you.

5. She flirts with other guys

This is probably one of the most painful “I don’t like you” signs. She’s not only telling you that you aren’t good, but also that there are better guys than you. 

This can be quite a blow. But there’s a good part to this as well. 

She hasn’t avoided you directly which means she’s OK with you, but she’s also checking out other guys. All you need to do is up your game.

Learn seduction, attraction, and the skills to get a girl to notice you and you’ll win her back right into your bed. You haven’t lost her yet.

Decide if she’s worth your time and get working. If she is worth it – go for her, if she’s not then start approaching other girls.

6. What do her friends do around you

I mentioned this sign when we are discussing her family. I said that a girl will tell her friends all about you, I mean really everything about you.

You might call this an invasion to your privacy, but you’ll really be able to learn about the girl from how her friends treat you.

If her friends are really nice and friendly and each time you bump into them they give you a cute smile that means your girl loves you!

But if they kinda laugh and snicker every time you pass by it means she is making jokes about you with her friends. It’s game over with this girl.

Once her friends don’t like you, your chances with her are too low and she’s a waste of your time and effort.

7. She doesn’t compliment you

This is what I tell every guy that wants to get girls: compliment them. It’s part of the list of 10 things that girls love about guys. They love being flattered and feeling desired.

And girls will do this to you when they like you. They will compliment your muscles and laugh at your jokes. 

This all changes when they don’t like you. When a girl doesn’t like you she won’t compliment a single thing you do. She will never flirt with you.

Nothing you do will be good enough to get a compliment. If this has been going on for enough time she might even start criticizing you.

If you get to this point, not only do you need to let her go, but you also get to stay away from those types of girls.

Having a toxic relationship is no joke. Stay away from them and get yourself a beautiful, healthy, girlfriend. I’ll tell you what step you need to take at the end, I might surprise you!

8. She doesn’t smile when she sees you

This is another thing girls will do when they like you and it’s also the first thing they notice on a guy. Smiling is beautiful and attractive on a man or woman.

But what happens when you don’t get it from this girl? She is simply telling you I’m not happy to see you. You don’t make me feel any better.

And a quick and easy way to check whether she’s not depressed is by seeing how she talks with her family and friends. 

By the way, if she can’t even smile with her family then maybe it’s time that you start showing signs that you don’t like her…

9. She does not sound happy around you

Here’s definitely a clear sign for you. Even a puppy will bark in a way that says “I love you.” there is a clear difference between a happy and unhappy bark!

And it turns out, we humans have the same thing! When we talk to each other the tone of our voice gives a lot away about how we feel.

A large part of communication is simply the tone of our voices. So just like the smile, if she doesn’t seem happy to see you, get a different girl.

And like I mentioned, I’ll tell you how to get a different girl and the best courses you must follow if you are looking to smash multiple chicks.

10. Does she invite you out

The next sign you need to look out for is if she is trying to ask you out. If she is, none of the other signs make a difference.

This girl likes you.

If she doesn’t then you are in a neutral position. She might want you to ask her out or she wants to be left alone.

The only way you’ll know is by listening for the other signs.

11. Will she go out with you

This is taking it past the neutral point. If you ask her out and she never says yes, it means she doesn’t see you as a romantic partner. 

She might still like you, but you are strictly platonic. You have been officially friend-zoned. Time to figure out how to get a different girl.

Let me know in the comments if you are sick of being friend-zoned and I’ll give you some advice that will change your dating life and put you on a much higher level.

12. She talks about your friendship

I guess you could call this a continuation of the last one. She doesn’t talk much about love or romantic things. 

She tells you things like this:

  1. Can you bring your friend along too?
  2. You are so nice 
  3. She talks about other guys with you
  4. She makes you do stuff for her

You are being made into her friend. There are ways to get out of the friend-zone, but it might just be time to get a different girl. You need to get yourself a girlfriend.

And by the way the part about getting you to help her is a very strong sign if you’ve never slept with her.

If you’ve only known her for 2 weeks and she’s making you help her move all her stuff across the city, stop “simping” and let her go. This is not called being a gentleman. 

13. Shortest texts back to you

You ask her how you are doing and all she can type is “good.” She puts zero effort into making a conversation.

If you tell her about her your day she writes back “k”. She’s showing you that she doesn’t care about you or your life. 

And you’ll also notice that she never sends you emojis. You never get anything like this 💕😅😘😍💦… go find a girl that will send you this.

Although you don’t have to leave her right away, give her some time. It’s possible she just had a rough day, but if nothing changes you know what you have to do…

14. She’s always busy or working

Every single time that you try to ask her out or spend some time with her she pushes you off. She’s always working, always doing something. 

Think about it this way: when a girl falls in love nothing else matters to her. She could easily stop studying for a final tomorrow just to be with her man.

Love is what girls live on. So if she’s not feeling it for you something is off. Big time.

15. She directly tells you

The last way is the most painful way. It can be the most intense rejection. It can make you feel very undesirable as a man.

Let me give you some examples because I am not talking about when she clearly tells you word for word “I don’t like you.” That’s obvious already. But this is what I’m talking about:

  1. You are texting her and she blocks you
  2. She calls you a weirdo
  3. She laughs at you in your face
  4. She ignores you

Or maybe the worst of them all, you ask her out and she says that she has no time. But then you find her making out with some guy…

You must do everything in your power not to take this personally and start approaching new women. I’ve been in these situations, your only choice is to move on…


Now we’re both at the point where we know that this girl doesn’t like you. She has shown enough signals that you know it’s time to move on.

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