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18 Little Known Signs That a Shy GIRL Doesn’t Like You

The signs that a shy girl doesn’t like you are very important to learn because you don’t want to leave her when she was just playing hard to get. It would be a shame lose a stunning shy girl.

I’m sure you know by now that shy girls act shy on the outside, but when they get in the bedroom they become horny beasts (it’s easy to get them horny). 

But there’s another equally important reason to learn this: you don’t want to seem like a creep. Once you get the reputation to be the creep, no girl will want to be with your girlfriend.

Because even if you are an attractive guy no girl will want to risk her own reputation to be with you. It’s not worth it for her.

All it takes is one shy girl that you kept on trying to ask out over text, but you didn’t realize that all this time she didn’t like you, now all the girls in school might call you the creep.

This is some incredibly important information to learn. Let’s say you want to send her a text that you love her. What do you do? 

You aren’t sure if she likes you or not. She’s been giving you mixed signs. You’ve been complimenting her, but she hasn’t responded much…

Let’s get into all the signs that a shy girl will show you if she’s not interested.

1. Doesn’t text you back

So this is tricky, especially when it comes to shy girls. But here’s the basic rule:

If she repeatedly ignores your texts and all you can see is your texts in Whatsapp, it’s time to move on. She’s clearly telling you “I don’t like you.”

Now obviously if she blocks you, it’s game over. But here’s a situation where some guys get a little confused…

What happens if she replies to you every so often and she always waits plenty of time to get back to you. Is that a sign that she doesn’t like you?

Probably yes. It definitely shows that she isn’t in love with you because if she was, she wouldn’t get back to you only when it’s convenient for her.

It’s not game over in this situation, you could still get her in your bed, but you’ll have to up your game. You’ll have to learn the laws of seduction of attraction.

(The Tao of Badass is a course that I used when I started my journey to seducing women and I still highly, highly recommend it, I’ll link a free presentation from the creator of the course.)

2. Not touching you

Girls, especially shy girls, will never say “I don’t like you.” It just doesn’t work that way. But if you notice that a girl never lets you touch her, you are in for some trouble.

Touching is the basis for flirting for men and women. When you see that cute chick at work, the first thing you do when you start flirting with her is touching her.

You start slow building your way up. But when girls don’t let you touch them at all, they are telling you that they are not open to you.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up on this girl, but you do need to take it slower and learn some new attraction techniques (whether you learn it from a book or a course).

3. Doesn’t laugh at your jokes

The biggest sign that you have if a girl is flirting with you is laughter. Is she laughing at your jokes? If not, you better start figuring what you can do to solve this issue.

Because check out this fascinating piece of research: girls are attracted to men that can make them laugh, while men are attracted to women that laugh at their jokes.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you HAVE to move on to someone else, but something is wrong with this relationship. She is not happy with the man you are. 

Like I mentioned before, you have options when it comes to figuring out what you can do to get this girl to like you. Take them and start studying. [1, 2]

4. She doesn’t care to talk

If it always seems that no matter what you tell her she ignores you, she isn’t interested in you anymore. Once you reach the point where even if someone would steal everything you have she wouldn’t care – you’d better leave.

Maybe a less extreme example, every time you want to talk she’s not in the mood to have a conversation with you.

She’s always on her phone checking Instagram when you’re around. Nothing seems to help your situation.

In that case I’d let her go unless you are serious about learning the skills to seduce and attract women. (But most men won’t because it’s hard work and it takes a light investment.)

5. She makes excuses to leave

Like I mentioned, shy girls won’t talk about how they feel in this “relationship” at all. And in this example, they will just make excuses not to speak to you.

But it depends on the consistency. Does she do make excuses to leave all the time, or just today? If it’s just today then stop taking it personally and move on.

6. She doesn’t smile when she sees you

All girls will give you the same sign when they don’t like you. They will simply not smile whenever they see you.

She will give you that look that says I wish I didn’t know you. But in this case you’d be surprised about how many times girls are actually testing you or playing hard to get.

So just like last time, if it’s just been going on for a day then let it fly by and let her emotions calm down.

7. She makes you do all the work

This is a classical friend-zone move. She knows that you won’t be her boyfriend, so she makes you work for her like a slave. She’ll only want you when she needs you. 

If she’s moving to a different apartment across the city she’ll ask you to help her out. If you have any self-respect tell her no and delete her phone number.

The only thing you will get from this girl is hard labor and criticism. 

8. She hangs out with other guys

OK, so just like everything you’ve just learned: it depends. It depends what she’s doing with these other guys. Is she dating and making out with another dude?

Or does she just have some male friends? That can be fine.

The problem starts when she’s dating other guys. This is the final nail in the coffin. She obviously doesn’t like you.

Let me tell you: when a shy girl likes you she won’t dare to flirt with other guys. There is no turning back once she dated another guy.

9. She friend-zones you 

This is a backhanded slap in the face. It’s like her telling you “I’m too scared to say this verbally, but I’m not gonna be your girlfriend.”

She tells you things like this:

  1. Can you bring your friend along too?
  2. You are so nice 
  3. She talks about other guys with you
  4. She makes you do stuff for her

Unless you’ve been practicing the art of seducing women, your chances of success with this girl are very limited. Let her go and start studying seduction to get other girls. I’ll recommend you a course at the end of this post.

10. What is the tone of her voice

Shy girls do this less often because they don’t seem too obvious about how they feel. But they occasionally do show this sign so I added it in to the list:

If she sounds like she’s annoyed on a constant basis whenever you are around you’d better just leave her. Find a girl that really appreciates you. [3]

11. Makes excuses not to hang out

With shy girls this sign can be a little more different than regular girls. A shy girl may feel intimidated to go out with you so she wants to get to know you more first. This can be why she doesn’t want to hang out.

In fact, all girls feel some sort of anxiety when a guy asks them out, but shy girls feel it even more. You know she doesn’t like you when she’s still making excuses 6 months into dating…

12. She doesn’t let you in her group

A girls group may include her family and friends. And when a girl blocks you or doesn’t let you come over to her place it means she doesn’t trust or like you.

Because here’s the thing: the first thing girls will do when they feel pleased with their relationship is show their own parents their boyfriend in order to get their parent’s approval. 

But if she doesn’t want you, she won’t bother bringing you to her family. And this same time of thinking goes with her friends. 

She doesn’t think that you are cool enough to be around her friends. What can you do? Watch this free presentation by the creator of the top seduction course and use those techniques on her.

13. Minimal texting

Shy girls will do this more often than most girls. It’s a much less assertive way of telling a guy to go away.

For example you are asking her about her day and all she texts back is “I’m good” and she doesn’t seem to care about asking about your day.

And she’ll never use emojis. She’ll save them (💦,💚,💋,😅,😘) for another guy… 

Emojis is the way girls express emotions and if she’s not expressing herself to you, she doesn’t like you.

14. She tells you that she has a boyfriend casually

The girl will probably tell you this after you’ve approached her. For example:

You’ve approached this girl at the gym, she even gave you her number, but when you start texting her, she tells you that she has a boyfriend.

You think she’s lying and she probably is, I would still let her go. Because at this point you can’t convince her over text to go out with her. It’s too late.

15. She tells you that you’d be good for someone else

You might be good friends with this shy girl and this might even sound like a compliment, but that’s why shy girls love using this trick on guys to keep them away.

It’s an easy way of saying you’d be good with someone else and not her. She’s saying it not as a compliment, but as a way to get you on someone else in order to set herself free.

16. Crosses her arms 

This is simple non-verbal body language that shows she’s putting up a defense. It’s a way of putting your hands in a position to protect herself from you.

Be aware that she might just be feeling uncomfortable because she’s such an introvert. But if she still does it after she knows you well it’s because she’s simply not interested in you.

17. Talking to her friends about you

In this case she’s talking to her friends about you negatively. But how do you know what she’s telling her friends, she’s not going to do that around you!

You can tell what she tells her friends by noticing what her friends do around you. What happens when you try talking to them? Do they have this smirk on their face?

Does it seem like they have an inside joke about you? If that’s the case you’d better find a new set of girls.

18. She won’t talk to you in public

Even after you know her she still won’t let you into her life. She still feels that you aren’t good enough for her.

There really is no excuse or exception to this rule. Any girl that can’t hang out with you in public or makes every excuse to escape it must be left behind.

You are better than that.


So now the question is: what do you do now?

You have 2 options:

  1. You leave her and get other girls 
  2. You make her like you

Either way, you need to do the same thing: learn how to seduce and make a girl fall in love with you. Because there is an art to making a girl feel sexually attracted to you.

I don’t care how ugly, short or bald you are, if you learn the 5 keys taught in this free video presentation by the creator of the number one seduction course and you’ll be getting the girls you desire.

And after you get through this hour and a half presentation and you know how to get girls to feel a craving to ride you, you will ditch this shy girl and get yourself a stunning model.

You will get yourself the top model to ride you on demand. And if you decide to get the course, after 6 months you’ll be banging multiple chicks.

So what are you waiting for? Take action NOW!

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