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How to Hug a Girl In 8 Easy, Effective Steps


Hugging a girl feels amazing: the smell of her perfume, the softness of her skin, her shiny hair and of course, the feeling of her perfect boobs pressing against you! But don’t forget that girls love being hugged too.

Girls love being hugged by a guy that makes them feel overpowered, yet small and protected. They want to feel enveloped by your strength and size.

Giving good hugs even makes everyone healthier, including yourself! [1, 2]

Your job is to learn how to hug a girl so good that she’s addicted to the feeling and can’t pull herself away from you.

Let’s start by getting the basics down:

1. When to hug a girl

There’s nothing worse than going for the hug, but getting rejected which is why you need to know when to hug.

First off, it depends on the culture. In some cultures you greet people with a kiss on the cheek and a warm hug! In other cultures, you’d get the police called on you if you did that…

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Next important factor: do you like each other already or is this your first date? You can’t give a big hug to a girl you barely know. You need to slowly increase intimacy until you pass the touch barrier.

Hugging works the same way as kissing a girl on the first date: first increase attraction, hint at the kiss and only then go for the kiss.

If you’re in Middle school and you really want to hug your crush, just wait till you see enough signs that this girl likes you and the next time you hand out, give her a big hug! She’ll enjoy it more than you.

But whenever you decide to hug a girl, make sure you 100% commit to the hug. The last thing you want the girl to see is your hesitation. Once you decide, there’s no turning back.

2. How to hug a girl properly

We’ll get into specific situations and how to get a girl turned on with a hug, but for now, let’s run through the basics first:

Hug her with the right energy

The most important thing while hugging a girl is to make her feel special. Show her how much you enjoy hugging her.

Smell her (in a non-creepy way) and tell her how she smells amazing. Tell her that you love when she puts on the right perfume. 

And if you really want to make your girlfriend feel special, have your own little custom hug between yourselves to show how much you appreciate being together.

Leaning into the hug

Just like leaning into a kiss: lean about 50% and let her meet you in the middle. Additionally, lean your head to the right so you don’t smack each other in the head!

Open your arms wide and hug

Now it’s time for the actual hug: open your arms wide and hug her firmly. Let her feel buried in your “largeness.” Don’t rush this step like an inexperienced guy would, instead take your time and display confidence.

How long should you hug for

Assuming that it’s your girlfriend and she’s not in a rush, hug for at least a couple seconds. But be careful not to hold on for too long because no one likes being forced-hugged.

If this is your first hug with this girl or your just friends, a second or 2 is definitely enough.

What to do with your hands while hugging

It depends on the type of hug, but usually you want your hands on her back. If you want to be romantic, rub the back of her back. [3]

What to do after hugging a girl

There are many things you could do after hugging a girl, including:

  1. Kissing her
  2. Giving her a big smile and wishing her a good day
  3. Complimenting her and continuing the conversation
  4. Asking her out for a date

Whatever you choose to do, don’t make it awkward. Being weird about hugging your girl is the best way to ruin your chances of getting another hug.

3. How to hug a girl from behind

Before you hug your girlfriend from behind, make sure she’s not busy with something and that she’s in the mood. Once you get that out of the way, stand behind her and wrap your hands around her kinda like this:

hugging a girl from behind

Or if you’d like you can also lean your head to the side and kiss her on the cheek like this:

hugging a girl from behind while kissing her

While you hugging a girl from behind make sure you say something cute like:

  1. You’ve got the cutest smile
  2. Sorry, I couldn’t hold myself back
  3. I need more of you
  4. You are the prettiest girl

Of course, if she’s got a huge backpack on, you can’t hug her from behind and in that case, just hug her the classical way.

Additionally, only hug a girl from behind if you’ve been on a couple dates with her, i.e. she’s your girlfriend, because otherwise she’ll probably call the cops on you!

4. How to hug a girl you like as a friend

The difference between a romantic hug and a friendly hug is lower body contact. Strictly friendship hugs never have any lower body contact, i.e. waist touching waist.

Here’s a great example:

hugging as a friend

Don’t caress her back because you don’t want to be too touchy, although patting her back is OK. And also be sure not to hug for more than a second or two.

5. How to hug a girl shorter than you

Hugging a girl shorter than you is unsurprisingly similar to kissing a girl shorter than you, but the good news is that it isn’t that difficult to master!

Here’s a couple of great tips to get you started:

Let her hug your waist while leaning her head against your body and you hug her from above her shoulders with your head leaning on top of hers, like so:

hugging a short girl

Just like sitting down can helps to kiss a girl, same is true while hugging a girl and you have 2 options: let her sit down on your lap facing you or you can hug while sitting beside her, for example:

hugging a girl while sitting down

Your next option is to pick her up into your arms or let her jump onto you.

For some guys, getting physical like that can be scary, which is why you get her to stand on something, such as a bench or stairs. Sometimes getting her to stand on the curb of the road is enough.

6. How to hug a girl taller than you

Most guys don’t have relationships with girls taller than them, but it does happen. Here are some tips from kissing a taller girl that works perfectly here too:

  1. Stand on your tippy toes and let her lean downwards (simplest solution)
  2. Hug while sitting down
  3. Stand on something to make yourself taller
  4. Hug while cuddling in bed

But my most important tip is not to make it awkward. If you feel attracted to each other, don’t let your height difference get in the way because remember, your goal is to make her feel amazing.

You want this girl to feel a rush of Oxytocin in her system after she hugs you because you made her feel so loved, protected and adored. Being awkward ruins that, just chill out.

7. How to hug a girl the same height as you

If she’s the same height as you, don’t make things complicated, just lace arms: right arm over, left arm under. Just don’t forget to say cute things that we mentioned in step #2: How to hug a girl properly.

8. How to hug a girl romantically to turn her on

I’m sure this is the step you’ve been waiting for and let me tell you: from the stories I’ve been reading online, girls definitely get turned on by a good hug. Not only that, but a good hug can get you out of the friend zone!

So how do you hug a girl to turn her on?

Give her an overpowering hug

Girls want to feel small, overpowered and protected which is why girls love getting hugs from huge, muscular guys. Your job is to start working out, build muscle and to start giving big warm hugs.

There’s a difference between a HUG and a hug.

One way of hugging fully is by placing one of your hands on her lower back while placing your other hand between her shoulder blades. Lean your head on your hair and take it all in, for example:

hugging a girl fully by holding her fully

Another way is to bring her in by her waist and let her wrap her arms around your neck.

Run your hands through her hair

As I point out in my post about making girls honry, girls get turned on when guys pull lightly on their hair near the roots, so why not do this while hugging?

Place one hand on her back and the other hand on her head, gradually hugging her tighter and run your fingers through her hair. For bonus points use your other hand to grab her butt and pull her in! She’ll be soaking wet after that!

Make complete physical contact

While you’re hugging, don’t hug like you’re still stuck in the friend zone, let yourself really connect with your girl. I tell guys to always include a kiss while hugging.

If you’re hugging from the side kiss her neck or ears because that has an especially strong effect on girls.

You also want to have a “lower-body hug” which means your waists and legs are touching. Don’t hold yourself back, your girl wants every bit of you.

Let her jump onto you

You can’t expect your girlfriend to jump into your open arms if you’ve been seeing each other every day for the past 10 years. You need to wait until you haven’t seen each other for a while.

Once you can tell that your girl misses you, surprise her with your arms opened up to catch her and let her jump into your arms. Once she’s running towards you, you can either grab her from behind her knees, like this:

grab a girl from behind her knees to hug her

Or catch her by squeezing her waist like this:

Squeezing her waist to hug her

Or you can hold her up by her butt:

hold her up by her butt to hug her

Either way is fine and this type of romantic hug will get any girl turned on.


You need to be proud of yourself because you’re taking action to learn different hugging techniques so you don’t mess things up with a smokin’ hot girl!

Most guys aren’t willing to learn even though there’s tons of free information on the web! But you must realize that ultimately, you’ll only get better with real world practice.

Without real world practice, all the blogs and courses in the world can’t help you. So don’t be scared to fail, but be ready to succeed big time!

Your friend,

Colt Smith


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