How to KISS a Short Girl: 19 Proven Methods

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You better learn how to kiss short girls because on average girls are 12 centimetres shorter than men! [1]

Chances are that when you get a hot girlfriend she’s gonna be at least a couple inches shorter than you, but don’t let this worry you! Most guys have dealt with this problem before and I’m here to give you the solution.

If you haven’t kissed a girl yet, make sure you read my article 11 Steps to Kiss a GIRL for The First Time With Total Confidence so that first you get the basics of kissing girls.

But let’s get started!

1. Let her know you want to kiss her

The only way your lips are going to reach her soft lips is if she makes herself taller for you in order to meet in the middle.

Therefore, the simple solution is to tell her that you’re interested in kissing her and she’s going to make her lips available to you by raising herself up. That’s it!

The only thing you need to worry about is getting this girl in the mood of kissing you and for that I direct you to my article titled: How To Get a GIRL To KISS You – ON DEMAND.

If don’t yet have the balls to ask a girl to kiss you, don’t worry because we’re about to talk about the grand-master of confidence: Eric Von Sydow AKA Hypontica and his course The Collection of Confidence which will solve the vast majority of your insecurities.

2. Caress her

I understand if you don’t like the idea of telling a girl that you want to kiss her outright, but that’s why I offer you option #2!

What you need to do is get this girl’s attention in a very specific way that let’s her know you want to kiss her without saying anything.

How can you do that?!

Caress her face in a loving way and look into her in a way that reveals your deep desire for her. You don’t need to say anything and she’s going to understand you want to kiss her. 

Once you do this, she’s going to stand taller to meet you with a beautiful kiss and a possible 10 minute make out session! [2]

caressing a short girl to kiss her

3. Tell her that you can’t reach her face

If that’s too much for you I have solution #3! This time you don’t have to say anything about kissing her or even touch her in any romantic way.

Simply tell her that you can’t reach her face with a wink in your eye which let’s her know you really mean something else…

If she’s a smart girl and really likes you she will have no problem getting her delicious lips on yours. 

Do not do this technique if you’re not sure if this girl likes you or if you don’t have the confidence to pull this off without seeming awkward because that will just make things much worse.

4. Complain that she’s too short for you

Another way you can hint that you need her to get on her tippy toes is by complaining about her height in a playful and teasing manner.

For example:

  1. Ha ha, your lips don’t even reach my chin
  2. If only I had a taller girl that was tall enough to kiss me
  3. Why couldn’t you grow at least another couple inches for me?
  4. If you weren’t so short we would have made out already!

A lot of girls are very self-conscious about their height so make sure to sound playful in order that she doesn’t get offended.

Try winking and lean in for the kiss so that you meet her half way.

5. Pick her up

You get to see this type of kissing in movies where the guy picks up the girl with brute strength and let’s her wrap her legs around him.

If you have the confidence to pull this off I totally recommend it because it’s a great way of showing your masculine dominance which makes girls crazy horny.

But when should you pull this off?

When you’re on a date with a girl and you know that she likes you, just look at her in the eyes with total confidence, pick her up and start kissing. [3, 4]

If you don’t have that brute masculine confidence, you’ll never kiss beautiful, stunning girls. You must learn how to be dominant which is why I told you about Hypnotica’s course The Collection of Confidence.

I really mean it when I say this course will change the direction of your dating life. After taking action on what Hypnotica teaches, girls will react to you differently, they will be interested in you.

Now it’s your choice: will you take action, invest in that course and sleep with radically beautiful girls or will you keep your low standards, living a lonely life?

6. Pin her against the wall and kiss her

You want to know how to melt a girl’s heart? Pin her up against the wall and start making out.

Of course this will solve the height issue, but it will also make her feel so submissive that she’s gonna want to kiss you again.

Kissing girls really well is how you get yourself a girlfriend. Kissing girls well makes them want to stay.

7. Put your finger under her chin to lead her up

This ones a bit less work for you and much simpler, but it takes a nice amount of confidence. 

Start by getting her attention, and making her want to kiss you. Once that’s done place your index finger under her chin and lead her up towards you.

Do not pull this off if you still haven’t kissed a girl for the first time because this takes confidence and if you aren’t the alpha male she will feel super uncomfortable when you try to lead her.

That being said, work hard to improve your confidence with women because it really feels awesome when you raise her chin up and go for the kiss.

(I hate repeating myself, but do yourself a favor and get the course we literally just talked about. It’s the one thing that changed my life and it’ll change your life too.)

8. Pick up her leg so that she can reach her

I promised you that I wouldn’t leave anything out, so let me describe this daring move for kissing short, sexy girls.

Start by getting this girl to feel an intense desire to kiss you, pick up one of her legs, pull it towards you and go for the kiss.

You can pick up her legs by her butt or thigh, I prefer from the butt, although it all depends on what you are comfortable with.

If this is going to be your first kiss don’t try this one as it may end in disaster, rather try the hinting technique. 

Better be safe than sorry.

9. Let her run toward you

Till now we discussed you doing all the work, but now it’s time we make your girl earn your kiss by making her work hard.

This technique only works when there’s plenty of room between the 2 of you and instead of you walking towards her, you open your arms and let her jump into them.

Obviously most guys aren’t capable of this because they lack confidence which is why you need to become a confident alpha male.

Not just any alpha male, rather the type of alpha male known as the seducer alpha male because that’s the guy that knows how to make girls run after him instead of trying to impress girls.

It’s vitally important you learn the confidence tricks and charming techniques of the seducer alpha male if you ever want to kiss short girls this way.

10. Let her stand on a bench

You don’t always have to make her cling onto your body. You can also get her to stand on a bench effectively making her taller and then going for the kiss.

But how do you get her to her to stand on a bench?

  1. Tell her to stand on the bench simply because you told her
  2. Start trying to kiss her then lead her to stand on the bench where you can really start making out
  3. Tell her “you are way too short” with a wink then put her on the bench and move in for the kiss

Obviously, this will only work in parks or other places that have benches, but this is a great move for beginners due to its simplicity.

11. Get her to wear high heels

Ever think of telling a girl to wear some heels? Well now I am!

Most heels are about 3 inches tall which is quite significant, it’s the difference between kissing her eyebrows and kissing her lips!

Just tell her that you want her to wear heels and she’ll be happy to put them on because girls love wearing heels.

If she asks you why you even care about her wearing heels, tell her that it makes her look hotter and I promise she won’t ask you any more questions!

If you’ve worked hard building your confidence with women, simply tell her that she’s too short for you to kiss her without heels so she better put them on now!

12. Let her get on her toes

I don’t even know why I make things so complicated because all you really need to do is make her stand on her toes!

Forget heels, forget telling her to jump into your arms! Why not make her stand on her tippy toes! So much simpler.

There are a couple ways of doing this:

  1. Tell her that you want to kiss her and keep your back straight making her reach up
  2. Tell her to get on her tippy toes then go for the kiss
  3. Bring her onto her tippy toes with your hands and move in for the kiss

This might take some social awareness, but once you get it, you’ll never look back!

13. Kiss while sitting her down

Once you’re sitting, there isn’t much of a height difference anymore. But how can you kiss a girl while sitting,  isn’t that even more awkward?

Well, actually not really. If you are sitting side by side on a bench just turn a little you’ll be just fine. It gets even easier if you’re sitting opposite her because you just need to lean in.

kiss a short girl by sitting beside her

14. Let her sit on your lap facing you

Here’s a super hot way of kissing and the best part is that it works for tall and short girls! Height don’t matter here, but confidence does!

Be the seducer alpha male we talked about earlier and make her sit on your lap facing you. (No, this isn’t a sex position!)

The last thing you want to do is show hesitation so immediately get your hands on her and start making out. Be bold, be alpha.

15. Make her sit on your car

The requirements for this technique is a car and it doesn’t even need to be yours! 

If you don’t own a car, just get close to one, start moving in on the kiss while getting her to sit on the car and make out.

It’s that simple.

Alternatively, you can also start chatting with her while she’s sitting in the car and when you’re ready, approach and kiss her!

16. Let her stand on your feet

I am not talking about making her stand on her tippy toes, I’m talking about getting her to stand on your feet.

How do you get a girl to stand on your feet?

Simple, just pull her very close to you almost as if you were going to hug her, but instead place her feet on your feet and move in for the kiss.

Girls love this because it makes them feel you care about them and shows your ability to lead which is super attractive to girls.

By the way, remember The Collection of Confidence course we talked about earlier? Well that course covers this exact topic.

You’ll finish that program knowing how to lead women with the perfect confidence which will make them totally crave you in the craziest ways.

This course is a must for any guy that’s serious about dating, hookups or even getting a girlfriend.

17. Tell her how cute her shortness is

By telling a girl that she’s cute because she’s so short, you are removing the root of the whole problem: awkwardness. 

Just think about it: the only problem with kissing a short girl is the awkwardness, you need to bend down and she needs to make herself a foot taller!

Why not remove all the awkwardness by telling her because she’s so short she’s actually the cutest girl in the world.

Tell her that you love short, cute girls. 

Now she won’t try to hide her insecurities, you won’t feel awkward bending down and you’ll be ready for some passionate kissing.

If you don’t believe me or you’re looking for some more information on this read my post titled: 8 Solid Methods to Tell a Girl She’s Cute and Make Her Blush

18. Demand her to figure it out

Remember how we talked about kissing her like the seducer alpha male? Well now’s the time we really get into it!

Instead of trying to figure out how you can accommodate her shortness, just kiss her with intense passion without thinking about how she’s gonna reach you.

Let her figure that part out. Just focus on getting your lips on her lips. 

You are the alpha male and you are the prize, she needs to chase after you. And trust me, once you learn how to become the alpha male, women will be climbing all over your body to kiss you.

be the alpha male to kiss a short girl

19. Kiss her on the forehead

If she’s really that short it might be easier to kiss her on the forehead and only kiss her on the lips when she’s in bed with you or sitting down.

By the way, every girl loves being kissed on the forehead. It’s one of the best ways to show your love and care and it makes them go crazy for you.

So why not try it?


Most guys are too afraid to approach short girls even if they’re beautiful because they don’t know how to kiss them, but you don’t have this excuse anymore!

If that’s not enough for you, here’s what a guy whose been married for over 30 years wrote on Quora

I’m 14 inches taller than my wife. I’m 6’5″ and she’s 5’3″. We’ve been married for 33 years and the difference has yet to prove to be a problem. If anything, I think it’s been a plus. 

So don’t be afraid, start talking to those short, sexy girls that you’ve always wanted because you totally deserve it!

Your friend, 

Colt Smith

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