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How To Gain Self Confidence

Beginners Guide To Building Self-Confidence To Approach Woman

Let’s first start by explaining what isn’t confidence, what will screw you over and destroy your confidence.

Many gurus teach that the correct way to build core, sexy confidence in order to meet woman is to simply to believe that you are worthy of love and to be confident, and then expect that woman will give themselves over to you because of your self-confidence and self-worthiness.

Apparently believing that you are worthy of love is enough. Just believe that you are enough to be loved and don’t change and people will start to love you.

And as long as you really believe this and then you will be the “ultimate pick up artist.” Apparently, ladies will just come chasing after you for sex once you believe that you got what it takes and you feel worthy of love. I am sure that you’ve heard this before, “it’s all in you, you just need to believe in yourself.”

I hope you notice already that the general system to pick up woman has a lot of assumptions to it… maybe a little too many.

And according to these pick-up artist gurus as long as you practice believing and being confident for a long enough time than you will get what the gurus promised you: woman dying to sleep with you.

So Are The Gurus Right About Gaining Confidence?

HECK NO. well actually partially…

Self worthiness  and self love is important, actually very important. I consider it one of thee 4 keys to ultimate seduction. But I am trying to say that it’s ONLY 1 key not all of them. And many coaches focus on just one or 2 keys to gaining confidence.

Here’s why they are wrong. How the heck is it possible to convince yourself that you are confident and cool with woman when you are actually terrified of even approaching them!? You must be kidding, unless you go to some insane hypnotist you got no chance in convincing yourself of this massive identity shift. Best case scenario and you’ll be stuck in an identity crisis. How can you believe that you are worthy of love when you don’t know what to do to be loved. 

(By the way, this is my biggest problem with the way people do affirmations, although I generally think that affirmations are great, but to start by claiming that “I am super seductive” — let’s be honest your brain knows that is bullshit. Quick tip if you want to use affirmations: start small, start by things that you are not, and slowly build yourself up.)

But getting back to what I was saying, it’s simply impossible to convince yourself of something that you know you are far, far away from unless you have solid references holding up the belief.

Do you understand how massive of a problem many pick up gurus have made? They are making people sick in the head. Only focusing on self-love and self-worthiness is the quickest route to giving up, I took this path. I read all the books, but that only made it worse. I started to believe that there was something wrong with me essentially. So now I am writing this to you so that you don’t ever make the painful mistakes that I made.

How did these gurus get you to buy these ridiculous courses when you know what really matters?

1.Laziness and fear. Many people are filled with fear of doing the real self work that actually takes time and a heel of a lot a work. So when they see some program promising them all the success in 10 days they pull out there credit card. Paying for the course at least gives them the feeling that they are putting in effort to grow.

2. Sex is how your guru convinced you to buy his 200 dollar program, he showed you pictures of practically naked woman and got you horny so that you would purchase his course that claimed you will get these woman in 30 days.

It’s not too difficult to believe this, the dating world is full of disgusting people and since the dating market is flooded with dating courses and men are more desperate than ever to have a real relationship, it’s never been easier to fall for a trap like this, especially when you see a picture of a super sexy, half naked woman looking at you in the eye just promising you that if you purchase the course that she will suck your dick. I’m sorry that you’ve fallen for something like this, but it’s not over yet, building confidence is a process, I do not believe that you be confident in month, it’s a process.

The dating world is mostly messed up and full of confusion.

There is so much to talk about here about the subject of confidence, but for right now I’ll tell you my little “secret”. And the reason why I call it “my secret” is not because it’s so secret and complicated, it’s a secret because nobody knows or uses this idea. This idea won’t cover everything about confidence obviously, but this will remove a hell of a lot of confusion that’s driving you crazy. Although it gets a little complex hang in there, it will  be more than just worth it, I guarantee!

One Of The Keys About How To Build Confidence And Self-Esteem

I can’t teach you everything at once, but this is one fundamental truth that can already help you change in the direction of growth and not self-hate.

Everyone has a strategy in their subconscious mind as to how to get woman or anyone to love them. It’s not that we just try to get love, we actually have a system deep in our head on how to get love, and this is true for any need that we have. We have a process in our head as too how to reach our need and wants.

build a strategy for confidence

This strategy to get love began to formulate when you were just born and it basically solidified by 10 years old through experiences. And basically, throughout your childhood you experienced rejection which lowered your belief in your ability to be loved.

So you had a plan for getting love which became hardwired in your head which means it is very difficult to change. Then you experienced many rejections and you linked that rejected to you personally, and not to the faulty strategy that you were using or to the unhappy people around you. You took the rejection personally.

Fast forward, and now your in your 20’s or 30’s and your starving for someone to love and appreciate you. But you have no clue how or what to do and your not even sure what the fuck your doing wrong! I mean, this is some real emotional pain. So then you decide to educate yourself with some course from some random guru who got you sexually hooked and of course that didn’t work. And your left wondering “will I ever get woman or am I essentially dysfunctional and I should just accept a life of loneliness.” And at this point people experience depression and anxiety.

The 2 Parts To Build Confidence.

  1. Change completely your current subconscious technique for getting love to something that actually works reliably.
  2. Then build confidence around this new competent technique and believe that it works because it truly does.

Instead of just somehow making up the belief that your some super seduction man, here you doing something that is completely logical. You are building confidence on a platform that actually makes sense. You have real techniques and new mindsets for meeting woman that works and on that you can rely.

By the way, now that you can actually be confident about yourself, that core confidence is some really powerful energy that everyone feels and loves. I believe that you need the confident energy AND a real new system for getting love. One without the other won’t help. Many coaches only teach the confident part without the strategy part.

This takes tons of work and sweating, but if your willing to put in the work then you’ll reach your goals. This isn’t some overnight transformation, but it is the way for real men.

Picking a new strategy is actually not so simple, it takes a lot of research and dedication to pick the correct the right strategy for you. But this isn’t the goal of this article. This article was meant to teach you one simple lesson: you gotta change what your doing, self-belief although important, is not enough.

One last note: I do believe that there are many incredible courses and programs out there that were made by people who really care and that they don’t just want your money. I am bashing the gurus that know that they are stealing money and providing no real value. I will recommend courses so check out my reviews if you don’t want to end up with paying for some random course and wasting your money.

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