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Getting a girl to notice you is the first thing you’ve got to do when you are looking to get laid or you want to get a girlfriend.

This is an essential part of becoming a pro with women. For me this whole journey took years. 

These 10 steps come from years of failing, practicing, succeeding and doing it all over again. And this is how you’ll grow as well.

There is no technique that will transform you overnight, but there are things that you can do in order to be more effective with your time.

For example, I invested in a well done seduction course. This course taught me everything that I needed to know, the only thing that I had left to do was practice.

This is how you save time. But since I want you to read this whole post I’m only going to tell you about that course later.

1. Smell amazing

Girls highly appreciate detail. That’s why they put on so much make up and go crazy if they don’t look perfect.

But you’re a guy not a girl, so why am I telling you to act like a girl and start making yourself smell good?

It’s not your role to dress yourself up!?

Because of this very 2 important concepts:

WHEN you smell good you are more confident

You act it a way that says I deserve your love. Women find that very attractive.

In fact, a study done in 2009 made a fascinating experiment:

They took a group of men and sprayed sweet smelling cologne. The men felt more confident and attractive. But here’s the shocking part:

When women viewed a silent video of all the men they were attracted to those with the cologne on. This is because the men felt more attractive, therefore acted more confidently. 

And that’s all without using pheromone cologne!

Here is the second reason you should smell amazing around women:

MEN and women are not just very different, they are opposite

No connection between them.

And that’s the problem, when you are living as a masculine man you may have a hard time connecting with feminine women.

You’ve got to learn so many new things. What do girls like to talk about, how to flirt with women, and how to compliment women.

Women can seem like a different world to men.

But with a little cologne you can adapt yourself in a way that women can connect to you. They feel more at home.

When they smell your cologne, they don’t feel that they are walking into unknown, masculine territory. Your cologne acts like an adapter between the masculine and feminine energies.

That is why a nice smelling man can get girls to notice him 10 times more. Simply because he is more attractive to them. [1, 2, 3]

2. Dress well

The same goes with dressing well. Women will be able to feel sexually attracted to your masculinity because you display that feminine energy as well that they can connect to.

Here are some tips to dress well: 

If you really want to spend some money, get yourself a suit.

Spend some time getting a suit that fits you well, and it doesn’t have to be expensive. 

Girls are supremely attracted to men wearing a well done suit because it shows them that you have your life together. You are also displaying a sense of self-respect.

But it all depends on the environment that you are in.

Some guys like neutral colors only. They don’t want to leave, gray or navy blue, but having some matching colors can give you a nice sense of style.

According to cross cultural study in 2010 women are naturally more attracted to men wearing red clothing. You don’t need to get a red suit! But a red cap, tie, or shoes can help.

Don’t hold yourself back from getting a nice watch. A watch is like a piece of art and it can be used to express who you truly are.

You want to have styles that make you stand out from the average guy so that girls start to pay attention when you walk in.

And of course:

  1. Wash your clothes regularly.
  2. Polish your shoes.
  3. Brush your hair and clean your nails.
  4. Brush your teeth twice a day and use mouthwash to get white teeth.

You are having the wealthy man effect. Money does attract women because it presents yourself as a man of high status.

If you need money, create an online business. When you command respect and women will give it to you. 

3. Become friends with all the girls

This works whether you are seducing a married woman or the girl you crave. This is a universal turn on for all women.

I bet you can guess the first reason this works:


When you get your girl’s friends to also become your friends she will become jealous of them. She will be jealous of them getting your attention.

This will make her do anything just to get your attention. The jealousy that a woman can feel for a relationship will blow your mind.

If she sees that you find her friends more attractive to her she will feel that she isn’t desirable enough for you. This will make her panic.

Then once you let her in and you all become friends, each of the girls will compete with each other for your attention.

Now you’ve switched roles. They are trying to get you to notice them, not the other way around. This is how you play the dating game.

Another way you can use this technique is have your target girl always seeing you having fun with pretty girls. She will burn with jealousy.

Use the power of jealousy and you will never lack women in your life. Now for the second part:

High status

Having a bunch of female friends will prove to her subconscious mind that you have social intelligence.

She will see that you can command the respect and love of others. This is devilishly seductive to women.

You seem like a high status man. You are the man that has all the women. [4]

4. Be chilled 

Most seduction courses don’t talk about this. Except for my favorite course which I’ll tell you about in #6!

Most seduction courses tell you to become this alpha male. The guy that has no emotion and talks to women like he’s a robot.

All for the sake of appearing confident.

But that is not confidence. Healthy women stay clear from those types of guys. 

Confidence means you are chilled. It means that you can talk calmly and allow yourself to be playful.

It means the way you carry yourself every way you go is in a calm, confident way that’s how girls begin to notice you. You are not just acting this way, this is who you are.

You don’t feel the need to make yourself big. There is nothing to fear. You are OK with who you are.

The confidence that comes out of these beliefs will make every woman turn around and look at you with desire. They will see that confidence on your face.

But there is one other thing about being chilled that makes you such a desirable man: your ability to have fun.

Girls love the guys that can have fun. 

When girls see that you are having fun in life she simply also wants to have fun with you too! You are a fun guy.

This shows your level of true confidence. It’s the confidence to have fun and pleasure in this world.

5. Smile at her

If you are trying to get a girl to notice you and you are at the bar, party or even on the street and you see this hot chick what can you do? Smile at her.

Please don’t creep her out with a freaky smile. Like we talked about before, have a chilled, confident smile.

Here’s an exercise that you can do every morning and night for 60 days to get a sexy smile:

  1. Buy yourself a nice, big mirror and sit in front of it
  2. Set a timer for 5 minutes
  3. Relax yourself before practice
  4. Smile at yourself
  5. Don’t criticize or judge yourself if it’s hard
  6. Try again

That’s all you need to do. And once you get that hot smile just smile enough so that she notices you and then you turn away.

This will start making her think about you and you are now ready for the approach. [5, 6]

6. Talk to her

Once you decide to talk to a girl go for it. There is no room for hesitation.

And I hope you realize by now that ultimately you’ll only get her to notice you when you talk to her. Otherwise she might be thinking about you, but you won’t have her full attention.

First thing you do is smile, just like we spoke about. That will tell her while you are coming to approach her and that you’re a chilled guy.

A genuine smile tells a girl that you have nothing to hide.

Then give her a compliment and tell her why you approached her. Something like this: “I was at the other side of the room and I noticed that you are stunning so I had to come approach you, what’s your name?”

Once she tells you her name you want to give her time to speak. You aren’t in a rush. 

I understand that this can be the scariest part for you and so you just want to get her number as fast as possible. But realize the more laid-back you are the more likely you’ll get the number and she won’t ghost you.

Ask her questions that will inspire her to talk about herself and build a passionate conversation. At this point you only want to get to know her and create an emotional connection.

You’ll learn more about approaching women when you get The Tao of Badass course that I mentioned previously. This is the course that changed my entire sex and love life.

Once you feel that you have an emotional connection get her number. Tell her that you’d love to talk to her more at a pub while handing your phone to her.

She’ll be more than happy to do so and you’ve successfully asked a girl out!

7. Be funny

Many studies have proven that having a strong sense of humor will not only get girls noticing you, but also feeling heavy attraction.

The interesting part about this is that men aren’t more attracted to funny women. Humor only attracts one way.

Here are some serious rules for being funny… 

Just kidding LOL, but I’ll give you some tips:

Laugh at yourself. If you do something stupid make a joke about it. Girls love when guys don’t take themselves seriously.

That also means that you stay away from laughing about other people. That just lowers the energy.

Obviously stay out of politics and religion. 

Find the ridiculous things in life and laugh about them. Being funny is really just about letting yourself go.

Make it part of your life and who you are as a person. Before you know it girls will begin to take notice and gravitate towards you. [7, 8, 9]

8. Be passionate about life

You’ll notice that girls haven’t even spoken to you yet, they don’t even know who you are, so why are they talking about you?

Because when you put out that lighthearted, funny, passionate energy girls fall for you. It’s all about having the right energy.

So you’ve got to be passionate about life. Be passionate about making a 6-figure business like I mentioned earlier.

Be passionate about getting ripped, running a marathon or even just losing weight. You are growing in life. 

You are doing stuff everyday that you love. You are living at your peak masculinity.

Doing what you love, growing everyday is what expresses your masculinity. And women love it.

It’s not about looking good. It’s about being masculine in the way you think and behave. She needs to see that part of you.

Find your purpose in life. Find out what your sacrifice is. What will you dedicate your life to?

I don’t know what you’ll choose, but you won’t be chasing women. When women sense your drive that’s when you’ll have them flocking you.

9. Get ripped

Women love muscular men. It’s eye candy for them.

They love that V-shaped body. They love to feel those massive arms and muscular chest. 

Forget just getting noticed, women are going to crave you. They will get horny just imagining you in their minds.

And this is scientifically proven. Many studies have shown that women feel attracted to muscular men that have shoulders that are bigger than their waists.

Do exercises like these to build up your upper body: 

  1. Arnold press
  2. Overhead shoulder press with a barbell
  3. Inclined push-ups
  4. Lateral raises with dumbbells.
  5. Regular dips

The goal is to get that V-shaped body that girl can’t stop looking at. [10, 11]

How To Get a GIRL To Notice YOU

10. Glance at her

The last thing you wanna do to get in her mind is to every so often glance at her with a little smile. Let her know that you are interested.

There’s a saying that goes like this: if you want to be interesting, be interested. 

Do this a couple times before you approach her and she’ll feel more comfortable talking to you. This will work perfectly if you want to talk to a girl at a party.

But if you are approaching a girl on the street this will not work unfortunately. You are at a disadvantage. 


So I’ve given you 10 clear steps packed with core principles to get a girl’s attention and to make her start noticing you more.

  1. Smell amazing
  2. Dress well
  3. Become friends with all the girls
  4. Be chilled 
  5. Smile at her
  6. Talk to her
  7. Be funny
  8. Be passionate about life
  9. Get ripped
  10. Glance at her

But why do you need to stop short and just get noticed by girls? Don’t you want so much more than that?

There is no reason why you can’t bang multiple chicks at a time. You are a desirable man!

Here’s what I’ll tell you: do what I did when I was in your position, get The Tao of Badass seduction course.

The course will teach you everything from beginning to end. From the moment you approach the girl to the second you licking her clean.

You’ll learn what works with every girl so that you’ll be walking around with that hot confidence. When you do this you’ll see girls dropping hints all the time.

I promise you’ll get a girlfriend when you start taking action. What are you waiting for? DO IT NOW. 

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