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If you want to get a girl’s attention, you first need to learn how the female mind works because women think and feel completely differently. 

Traditional beauty doesn’t grab a girl’s attention. Beauty doesn’t sexually attract women, otherwise all girls would be lesbian!

Take this as good news because it means that women want the man in you. That’s what sexually attracts them and grabs their attention.

Before we get started I just want you to understand that girls care immensely about details. So just keep this in mind as we talk about how you smile, act, talk, smell… it’ll change your game completely.

1. Say her name 

Dale Carnegie wrote in his book How To Win Friends And Influence People: “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”  

A person’s name is what identifies him. When someone asks “who are you?” you answer “I am ___”.

You identify with your name, which means your ego is also tied to your name, but you can use this to your advantage.

When you remember this girl’s name and you refer to her by her name she feels incredibly special. She feels that you care about who she is on a deep level.

You didn’t just tap her on the shoulder or say “hey”, instead you flattered her by saying her unique name.

This is why Dale Carnegie wrote “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

Don’t call her by her name all the time so that she doesn’t feel creeped out, but do it in a way that makes her naturally grow her ego. [1]

2. Be a fun guy

Girls want to be with guys that are enjoying life. If you want to be attention grabbing, get passionate about life.

That means whatever makes you come alive you do:

  1. If you’ve always wanted to make your own online business then go for it now.
  2. If you’ve always wanted to lose weight do it now.
  3. If you’ve wanted to follow a workout program what are you waiting for ?
  4. If you’ve always wanted to get into woodworking, now’s the time you are going to get started. 

If you want girls to be happy with you, be happy with your own life. When you are happy with your own life – you give out this energy that everyone loves.

You become the magnet for love, attention, and attraction. Getting a girl’s attention all starts with your inner world.

3. Be muscular

I don’t care how ugly you are, if you bulk up you’ll get any girls attention. But why do muscles instantly attract women?

Because muscles make you look more masculine. And masculinity is what attracts women.

If you are overweight do this nighttime ritual to lose weight, and if you are looking to get ripped then get this workout program.

Work on yourself because you love yourself. Don’t force yourself to workout, do it because you deserve those defined abs and those sexy women.

Then once you get those muscles and you’re feeling good about yourself go out and approach women. You are now eye candy for them!

4. Touch her

Studies have shown that touching a woman creates a loving connect that no words could create. It makes her feel safe around you.

In fact, it’s scientifically proven that when you touch a woman (or anyone) that women will feel a rush of a hormone called oxytocin.

Oxytocin is what your body creates when you’re kissing or have an orgasm! It makes you feel an intense connection with the person you are with.

That’s why it’s absolutely crucial that you learn how to touch a girl if you are going to get her attention. 

First of all, the second you meet a girl you can’t start caressing her neck, that would freak her out completely!!

You start out by shaking her hand in a light manner while looking at her in the eyes, but the key is to shake her hand for at least 3 seconds.

You’ll see that most guys don’t even shake a girl’s hand for 1 second. Most guys rush everything, learn to slow things down.

By shaking her hand for at least 3 seconds you are making her feel subconsciously that you are trust-able and likable. 

You create the crucial emotional connection with her that will get you laid. Women need that emotional connection before they will have sex with you.

Then as she gets to know you better you can take up the touching to a new level. [2, 3]

5. Eye contact

Science has proven that having deep eye contact has the similar effects of touching because it also makes her body release oxytocin. 

Before you even begin to talk to any girl make eye contact. 

Then as you are talking to her don’t stare into her eyes like a robot. Look away some of the time, do whatever makes her feel more comfortable.

But when you do break eye contact, never look down, try looking at another place on her face. It can be her lips, forehead, hair or ears.

Looking down makes you appear insecure.

Another tip that I have for you is not directly related to your eyes, but just as important: 

Make sure that you relax the muscles around your eyes to show that you aren’t tense and you have core confidence.

By practicing these tips with every interaction you have with girls you will soon be able to make every girl that you approach feel relaxed and happy to go out with you.

6. Compliment her

The first thing you do once you approach her to get her full attention is complement her. Engage her emotionally.

Remember how we were just talking about creating an emotional connection, if you want to create an emotional connection then compliments are the way to go.

I have a full guide on how to compliment a girl, but here I’ll give you the basics.

Number one: you want to find something unique about her. That’s why complimenting a girl’s eyes is very effective.

It’s a very easy and simple way of coming up with a personal compliment spontaneously

The next thing you must do is find something about her appearance that you find really attractive. I’ve got a list of 100 compliments you can use for any girl, go check it out.

You can also complement her beautiful profile picture by talking about her hair, nails, smile, dress, lips, or whatever else is stand out. 

Flatter her and she will crave your attention.

7. Stop trying

As you learn more about attraction you’ll see that it works in a very paradoxical way. The more you try to get her attention the less attention she’ll give you.

Carl Jung said “what you resist not only persists, but will grow in size.”

How ever you try to get this girl’s attention, you’ve got to do it in a relaxed manner so that she thinks you don’t care about her attention.

The less you are needy about her attention, the more you’ll get it. What I mean by all of this is: calm down and build your confidence.

Start believing that you are attractive to women and that you don’t need to impress anyone. You get all the girl’s attention because that’s who you are. 

I truly believe that this confidence course will take you through the necessary steps to make you the man women truly desire and fantasize about.

The creator of this course is called Micheal Bernoff. He‘s from a small town in New Jersey and learnt how to communicate so effectively that he’s been consulting fortune 500 companies.

Working with NLP and all the other types of power therapy he created a new methodology called Human Interaction Technology (HIT). 

His process is made to unblock the parts of your own mind that are holding you back and get you into the direction to seduce and seduce nearly any woman you desire. 

Take action now so that you aren’t regretting your procrastination in 10 years from now. If you don’t do it now, when will you?

8. Tell her that you like her

After you’ve complimented her and now you’ve got her attention, how do you keep it? There are plenty of other attractive men?

You’ve got to close the deal with her. You do this by telling her that you like her and it’s very simple:

First of all, if you’ve followed all the steps and you are on a date with her, go for the kiss! If she’s at your apartment, it’s time to make her moan from pleasure.

There’s no better way to tell a girl that you like her than that! She’ll have no doubt left in her head about you.

You can also tell a girl that you like her over text in a couple different ways:

You can be funny about it by texting her something like this: 

  1. You are such a spoiled brat!
  2. You deserve a spanking 
  3. Oh’ gosh, you like that movie! We are officially BFF’s
  4. Tell me when you finish writing a song about me
  5. If you keep texting me I’ll ruin your innocence
  6. Sorry I’m not OK with a hookup tonight
  7. We’ve just met and you’re already wet!
  8. Copy her text messages and send them right back to her

The next option you have is by showing gratitude for her. When she feels appreciated she will focus all of her attention right on you.

Send something like this:

  1. I appreciate you coming over today
  2. Thanks for coming over I had so much fun

The last option you have is to simply tell her. Be honest. Tell her that she’s really cute, you like her and you want to take her out tonight.

It takes guts, but if you aren’t completely sure how to talk to this girl and you’re looking for a solid system that tells you everything you need to know The Tao of Badass course might be right for you.

I won’t get into what the course offers because there’s already a presentation explaining everything, but let me tell you that you’ll get hours upon hours of quality video.

9. Have a big smile

I mentioned at the very beginning that if you want to get a girl to notice you, pay attention to the small things.

The small things for men are very important to girls. 

That’s why you need to have a big, genuine, happy smile before you talk to any girl. It tells her that you are:

  1. Confident
  2. Relaxed
  3. Happy to see her
  4. A happy guy

Basically all the traits that a woman looks for in a man. And believe it or not, having a great smile is about practicing every day.

First off don’t just smile with your lips, smile with your whole face, or for that matter – your whole body. Let yourself vibe with your happiness.

Then start to bring your focus to your eyes. It’s not easy because the muscle that controls it, Orbicularis Oculi, isn’t directly under your voluntary control. 

That’s why it takes practice. Go in front of a mirror and try to smile with just your eyes and also practice this in public.

If you’re at a party try smiling and gauge the reaction of the people around you. This will give you plenty of insight to calibrate your smile.

10. Have tons of friends

Girls are biologically wired to be attracted to the guy that already has all the girls. Why does male attraction work this way?

Because women are attracted to a masculine man, but masculinity isn’t something that you can simply see. It’s a set of behavior and attitudes. 

That’s why women will test you to gauge your level of masculinity and only once you pass her tests will she feel attracted to you.

If you’ve already passed the tests of all the other girls and they love you, this girl will see that and fall for you as well.

It’s a bit complex, but after doing this you’ll get much more than just attention from her!

11. Maker her laugh

Some guys ask – “but I’m not funny! I don’t have a sense of humor!”

You are actually very runny, but you don’t even know it. Let me ask you: was there ever a time in your life that you were actually funny?

Maybe it was a special moment that you had with your family and you just kept on coming up with the funniest jokes without even realizing how…

This is because to be funny you need to be a specific state of mind. You need to feel calm, relaxed and most of all not be taking anything personally.

So the key to being funny around girls is being confident and just deeply relaxed in the moment. I already recommended the confidence course that I think will help you with all of this.


If you never learn how or take action to get a girls attention, you’ll never get a girl to like you, kiss you or let you get inside her.

This is the key step even before you approach and talk to any girl. Just follow these 11 steps and you should be well on your way to incredible relationships and hookups.

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