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14 Signs to Tell if a GIRL Wants to Kiss You With Examples

Girls hate it when you can’t tell when they want to kiss you. Being a pro at reading female body language is a must. 

Most of the signs that we’re gonna discuss are just signs that a girl likes you because anyways when a girl likes you she wants to kiss you.

playing with her hair is a sign that she wants to kiss you

This article is not meant to deal with your social anxiety (although I will give you my 2 cents about what you can do to improve your confidence with girls so be on the lookout for that!)

That being said let’s jump in because I want you to see results with the girls you like:

1. She gets you to play with her hair

Girls always want you to initiate the kiss. They want you to make the bold move. ALWAYS.

So what does a girl do when she wants you to kiss her, but you’re too scared to go for it? She makes you more comfortable with kissing her by letting you play with her hair.

And once you’re already playing with your hair, you’ll feel much more confident to go in for the kiss. 

So how does this actually play out?

  1. She’ll ask what you think of her hair making you touch it before you give your opinion
  2. You’ll be sitting down on the couch with her and she’ll put your hand in her hair
  3. You’ll find her constantly placing her head in your arms giving you every opportunity to caress her hair

You need to read to be aware of this sign because if you miss it too many times she will dump you for a guy that understands female body language.

If you’ve ever studied Hypnotica’s course The Collection of Confidence you’d know that the source of the problem is your lack of confidence. 

If you had confidence, you would have tons of friends, be getting laid every night and kissing girls wouldn’t be a problem. But don’t worry, we’ll deal with this problem soon. [1, 2]

2. She’s making eye contact with you

You’re sitting on a date and your girl is constantly making eye contact, but you can’t figure out why. It’s because she really, really wants to kiss you.

Multiple studies have proven that eye contact is one of the best ways to create an emotional connection with anyone. This girl is simply making eye contact to make that deep connection so that you go for the kiss.

3. She’s OK with you leaning towards her

In my post titled How to KISS a Girl on The First Date In 8 Irresistible Ways I tell guys to lean in and if they see that the girl moves away it means she’s not comfortable with kissing.

This is known as the 90/10 rule. You put 90% of the effort in by leaning in almost all the way and she puts in the last 10% by leaning in to kiss you.

So that means you can easily tell if she’s ready for a kiss by simply leaning in and seeing if she’s trying to move away or not. If she’s not, you’ve got the green light for the kiss!

So how do you lean in to test if she wants to kiss you?

  1. Keep eye contact
  2. Relax your face
  3. Keep your mouth slightly open
  4. Move in following the 90/10 rule

I like we just said, if she’s OK with you getting that close you can be sure that she wants to be kissed and you better go for it before you lose that opportunity. [3, 4]

4. She’s looking at you with desire

I am not simply talking about eye contact, I am talking about getting a girl to look at you with desire. Her eyes are glowing with sexual cravings for you.

If you get this sign, forget everything else I’ve told you and go for the kiss. I don’t care if she’s a short girl, it’s your first kiss, first date or you don’t even know how to get a girl to kiss you.


If you are too scared to make the move tell her “if you keep looking at me like that I’m gonna have to kiss you” and watch her reaction. 

If she laughs, just lean in and kiss her. Don’t even worry about being rejected. If she doesn’t get your joke, just move on as if you never said it and find a better time to kiss her.

But remember this isn’t her just spacing out in your direction. This is seeing her looking at you with deep desire like she has craving to do some crazy things with you. [5]

kissing a girl after reading the signs she wants to kiss

5. She teases you verbally

(Note: I am not talking about sexually teasing a man, I am talking about verbally teasing a man by playing with his ego. These are 2 different things.)

Teasing is basically the act of poking fun at someone in a playful way. It’s kind of a test to see your level of confidence, if you get offended, you failed. If you can laugh it off, you passed.

A girl will never tease a guy if he isn’t even interested in him which means if a girl is teasing you, she likes you. And if she likes you, she wants to kiss you.

So what are some good examples of girls teasing you?

  1. Your too young for me
  2. You’ve got the skinniest arms
  3. I only like guys with 7 inches plus…
  4. Why aren’t you funny?
  5. Sorry I’m too busy for a guy like you

It also depends on how she says it: do you see that she’s playing with you or is she genuinely not interested?

This can get even more difficult if you’re dealing with a shy which is why I wrote an entire post focused just on that titled How To Tell If a Shy Girl Likes You In 13 CLEAR Ways. Go read it!

OK, but once you know that she’s just teasing you, how do you actually pass the test to get the kiss?

You follow what Hypnotica teaches in his training The Collection of Confidence: build your confidence using a variety of tools to such a level that you can laugh at whatever any girl throws at you.


It all boils down to your level of confidence. You have confidence, you’ll kiss girls without even thinking about it. If you’re scared, you’ll be alone the rest of your life. 

Do everything you can do to build your confidence. If that includes investing in a course, then go for it. Nothing is more important than that.

6. She’s licking her lips

This is the sign that everyone talks about because it’s the simplest: if she wants to kiss you, she’ll be thinking about her lips meeting your lips, which will make her subconsciously lick her own lips.

So if you’re chilling with a girl and you see that she can’t stop playing with her lips or licking them, lean in and kiss her so good that she loses her ability to speak.

Wait! Here are some exceptions to the rule:

  1. Her lips are dry
  2. She just ate some super spicy food 
  3. She has food all around her mouth and she’s “cleaning up”
  4. She’s been licking her lips constantly even before she got to know you

But generally speaking this is a great sign. [6]

7. She hanging around for too long

This is one of the stronger signs that she wants to kiss you, but you need to be aware to see it.

Here are some examples from my post titled When to KISS a Girl: The 9 Prime Times:

  1. You’re on a date with this stunning girl and you know it’s time to go. The conversation is getting boring, but she doesn’t want to leave.
  2. You’re dropping her off and she won’t get out of the car, always coming up with something else to talk about

It looks like she’s being needy, but the truth is that the only thing she needs is your kiss. She’s trying to give you every opportunity to kiss her, do it already!

What you’re looking for is if she’s lingering or in a hurry to leave. The more she wants to stay is the more she likes you, the more she likes you the more she wants to kiss you!

8. She’s always touching you

The first sign we talked about was the girl getting you to touch her hair. Now it’s the other way around: she’s touching you.

Here are some clear examples: 

  1. She constantly reaches for things by leaning her body over you and touching you in the process
  2. Instead of you trying to hold her hand, she is trying to hold your hand!
  3. While sitting beside her, she always has her hand on your thigh and it always seems a little too far up…
  4. She’ll lean against you
  5. She tries to clean you up after a good lunch by running a napkin over your mouth
  6. She tries to get you to shut up by placing her finger over your mouth
  7. She always wants to sit on your lap
  8. She always has a secret that she needs to whisper in your ear
  9. She is crazy about your arm muscles and always wants to feel them

There are many, many more examples, but it comes down to your level of social awareness to see them and your level of confidence to kiss her.

9. She tries to seduce you physically 

There are 2 ways a girl can seduce you:

  1. Physically, by making you sexually desire her 
  2. Emotionally, by flattering your ego

In this step we are discussing when she is trying to physically seduce you, here are some examples:

  1. She drops something by “accident” making her lean down in front of you and giving you a clear view of her cleavage
  2. She wears revealing clothing around you
  3. She touches her body in a seductive way knowing that it’ll spark your dirty imagination
  4. She’ll ask for a massage while she’s in a bikini

I could go on and on, but the point is that she’s doing everything that she can to get your lips on hers and you better go for it.

At the point you shouldn’t be worrying whether she wants to kiss you or not, you should only be focusing on raising your confidence.

10. She tries to seduce your emotionally

The way a girl will emotionally seduce a guy is by flattering him constantly, raising his ego and making him dependent on her for validation.

I’d be scared if I saw a girl pulling this technique on me, but I’d also know that she’s so attracted to me that she’s even trying to seduce me! 

For you it means that she’s doing everything she can to get you to kiss her so why not spare her the effort and kiss her now?

Here are some examples of a girl desperately trying to get a kiss by emotionally seducing you:

  1. She’ll tell you how confident you are 
  2. She’ll tell you how amazing she feels around you
  3. She’ll tell you how attracted she feels to your big muscles
  4. She’ll always smile when she sees you 
  5. She makes herself look super small and weak around you as if she needs you for everything
  6. She’ll complement you at things that you aren’t even good at

How do you actually go for the kiss once you see this? Wait for a moment of silence, look into her eye, put your hand against her cheek and kiss her.

Does it take confidence? YES, but can you build that confidence if you follow what Hypnotica teaches in his course The Collection of Confidence? Yes. 

11. You are feeling sexual tension

I am not talking about you building the sexual tension. That doesn’t count.

I am talking about when both of you are feeling a natural sexual tension because if there’s natural sexual tension it means there’s mutual attraction.

If she feels attracted to you she wants to kiss, so why not kiss her and release all that sexual tension?

12. She’s always trying to get you alone

In my article titled When to KISS a Girl: The 9 Prime Times I talk about waiting till you find yourself in a private place with your girl before you kiss because kissing in public is too much for most girls especially if it’s your first kiss.

But in our case, when a girl wants to kiss you, she’ll consciously try to get you in a private place where she can kiss you.

It might be:

  1. Getting you in the car with her
  2. Getting you in her room
  3. Leading you to a quiet alley
  4. Getting behind your house

She’s trying to get you in a place where you’d feel the most confident to kiss her. Obviously, if you had core confidence you wouldn’t need her to do all this work for you.

My best advice to you is follow what “Hypnotica” (AKA Eric Von Sydow) teaches in his massive course The Collection of Confidence.

There you’ll stop looking like a wimp around girls, stop overthinking every time you want to kiss and become the alpha male every girl wants to get with.

13. You had a fun date

Sometimes it’s as simple as having a fun date. No need to look out for some complicated seduction or feeling sexual tension. If you’ve had a fun date with a girl you can be pretty darn sure that she wants to kiss you.

How do you know if you had a good date? Well here are some signs:

  1. She was laughing at your jokes
  2. She talking about what you’re gonna do on the second date
  3. Telling you about how much fun she had
  4. She’s flirting with you

It’s that simple because remember girls are attracted to guys and if she’s had a fun time with you, she’s attracted to you and there is nothing wrong with kissing her now.

14. You’re cuddling with her

Cuddling doesn’t just mean lying with a girl in bed, cuddling just means caressing, touching or holding someone to show affection, for example:

  1. She leans her head on your arm or shoulder
  2. She’s sits on your lap
  3. You are giving her massage
  4. You are playing with her hair
  5. She’s caressing your hand

If you find yourself doing any of these it means she has a deep level of affection for you and is waiting for your kiss.

cuddling is a sign that she wants to kiss you

What do you do now?

Do what we’ve talked about all this time: tell her to come over, lift her chin towards you, and start kissing. It’s that simple!

Of course, it’s not that simple if you don’t have the confidence to pull it off. That’s why I’ve told you so many times about The Collection of Confidence training by Hypnotica. 

It is literally what you’re looking for. You are looking for the confidence that makes girls go crazy for you. By now you must be sick of living the way you are.

Do what’s best for you and go get that course.


As you improve your kissing skills remember what we talked about at the very beginning: waiting for all the signs to kiss a girl at the right time is the wrong way to go.

Waiting for the best time to kiss is going to make you miss many beautiful kisses. There is no perfect moment, you need to make that perfect moment with a bold move.

Sure, kissing a girl well is hard, but if you work hard you’ll make it.

Your friend, 

Colt smith

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