How to Tell or Ask a Girl for a Kiss In 10 Ways With Examples

You are about to learn the 10 steps to tell a girl you want to kiss her and how to ask a girl for a kiss. I am writing this post for you so that you don’t struggle with kissing ever again!

This is a super well researched post, but more importantly, this post is based on my experiences and failures so that you get the most practical tips.

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Just one last thing before we get started: being really good at kissing girls can be difficult, especially for beginners which means you need to be ready to work hard for it.

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asking the right to girl to kiss

1. When to ask a girl for a kiss

Before I even tell you how to ask a girl for a kiss, you need to know when to ask a girl for a kiss! 

Firstly, you must understand that all rules are contextual.

In other words, don’t take every kissing guideline or rule 100% seriously. Let yourself break rules whenever you feel the moment requires it.

Rules are only meant to help out beginners, but you can ask or tell a girl that you want to kiss her whenever or however you feel the best time is.

That being said, let me give you the general guidelines for when you should and shouldn’t ask a girl for a kiss:

There is sexual tension

I don’t really need to explain what sexual tension is to you because you know what it is when you feel it and once you feel sexual tension go right ahead and ask her because she’s dying to kiss you!

She likes you

The rule is that if a girl likes you, she wants to kiss you. That’s why if you see any of the signs that this girl likes you, proceed with the kiss.

If you’re dealing with a shy girl consider reading my articles titled How To Tell If a Shy Girl Likes You In 13 CLEAR Ways because I don’t want you getting rejected half way through the kiss!

She’s drunk

Sure, telling a girl that you want to kiss her while she’s drunk might get you a kiss or 2, but you’ll be left feeling super awkward around her for the next week.

You don’t want her thinking that you took advantage of her while she wasn’t fully functional.

If you both always wanted to kiss, but felt too uncomfortable – kissing while she’s drunk is OK. But otherwise I’d stay far away from kissing girls at parties, it only causes problems. [1, 2]

You’re in the friend zone

If she’s put you in the friend zone do not try to kiss her. She put you in the friend zone for a reason!

Instead, do everything you can to get out of the friend zone. And never give up, you can even get out of the friend zone if you’ve been rejected

If you’re in the friend zone, just wait for the kiss until you get her to like you again.

2. Ask her for a kiss indirectly 

I found a great post on Reddit that made a very important point: asking a girl for a kiss is like asking “Can I throw you a surprise party next friday?”

It ruins the whole surprise that makes kissing so special. Girls love the surprise which is what makes asking girls for a kiss indirectly so useful.

Here are some great examples:

  1. Ask her to close her eyes and tell her that you promise not to kiss her. If she smiles, kiss her right there and then!
  2. Look at her lips with a look of desire and while you approach her, tell her that she’s got something on her mouth and offer to clean it up!
  3. Tell her “If only you knew how much I love the sight of your lips!”

And by the way, these examples also work to create sexual tension, free bonus!

3. Ask her over text

I wouldn’t recommend asking a girl for a kiss over text because that’s just not what you do… it might work if you tell her that you want to have sex with her, but kissing is another story.

You’d be much better off reading my posts:

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Try asking her out over text and then when you get the date, ask her for the kiss. 

But if you are gonna tell a girl that you want to kiss her over text, follow these rules:

Be funny, say something like “please don’t put on too much lipstick, I don’t want to have a hard time kissing you” and never sound needy.

4. Ask her in a confident way

There is nothing more creepy than asking a girl for a kiss while sounding needy and unsure of yourself. Whatever words you decide to use, be confident. 

Girls don’t want to see you doubt yourself.

Never let yourself start overthinking the steps. Once you decide you’re gonna tell her, tell her immediately!

Don’t be afraid to show your desire for her. Showing desire only makes girls go even crazier for you.

I mean just watch this video. Once you have confidence, it doesn’t matter what you say, girls will automatically like you.

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5. Ask her if you can kiss nicely

Becoming a bad boy is tons of fun. You sleep with multiple women every week without caring about them at all. It’s a responsibility free life.

But there is something seductive about being a gentleman. You can be polite and sexy at the same time when you have high levels of confidence. 

So how do you ask a girl for a kiss nicely like a gentleman?

  1. Hug her warmly
  2. Look into her eyes lovingly 

Then with a slight smile say something like this:

  1. “[HER NAME], this might be the perfect moment that our lips may meet!” 
  2. Your lips look lonely. Would they like to meet mine?
  3. You wouldn’t mind if I kissed you now, would you? [3]

It sounds a little corny, but most girls will love it. Remember: It’s OK to use formal words as long as you say it in an informal way.

6. Telling your girlfriend that you want to kiss

There’s a big difference between kissing a girl on your first date to kissing your girlfriend! With your girlfriend you can be 10 times more direct because she already feels comfortable with you….

And hopefully she’s also attracted to you!

If you’ve already used the tools taught in The Collection of Confidence and you’ve got a super high level of confidence try this:

While she’s busy doing something unimportant, grab her and push her against the wall. Don’t say anything, but stare at her lips with passion and desire.

Let the silence last for a couple tense seconds to build up the sexual tension. Then slowly lean in for the kiss and watch her suck your face like a starving animal.

So I guess you’ve just asked her for a kiss without actually saying anything! But for those that like to use words here are some examples:

  1. I need to kiss your precious lips
  2. I know you’re dying to kiss me…
  3. Heck! Let’s kiss right now
  4. I can tell that you need to kiss me
  5. I need your perfect lips now
  6. Sorry I can’t hold myself back
  7. Look up! 
  8. I know you love me 

Like I said, if she’s already your girlfriend you have no excuse to be unsure of yourself. Tell her that you want a kiss and get it over with![4]

7. Ask or tell her using your body language

Sometimes the best way to ask a girl for a kiss is with your actions, not words. Body language can be more powerful than any words you decide to ever say to a girl.

What type of body language are we talking about? Alpha male body language. When you act like an alpha male does in relationships, girls automatically open up to kissing.

OK, but how do you tell a girl that you want to kiss her by using body language?

  1. Stand tall
  2. Keep a relaxed face
  3. Look at her with burning passion
  4. Lean in for the kiss while placing your hand on the back of her neck
  5. Then kiss her!

Once you reach this level of confidence, kissing girls is no big deal. And this is the level you really want to reach.

8. Ask her in a teasing way

Sometimes you don’t have to be indirect or alpha, being flirty can do the job perfectly. Here are some examples for my post 11 Steps to Kiss a GIRL for The First Time With Total Confidence:

  1. What a dumb girl, why can’t you be a little more discreet about getting me to kiss you
  2. I don’t have time for your perfect lips [wink]
  3. Gosh what makes you think that your pretty face deserves my time?
  4. You better apologize about making me stare at those red, sexy lips
  5. Do you do anything else besides having the cutest lips?

If she’s a short girl, use one of these lines:

  1. Ha ha, your lips don’t even reach my chin
  2. If only I had a taller girl that was tall enough to kiss me
  3. Why couldn’t you grow at least another couple inches for me?
  4. If you weren’t so short we would have made out already!

Sound confident, be flirty and she’ll be super excited to kiss you!

9. Compliment her lips in a flirty way

The power of complimenting a girl is so underrated. Girls go crazy when they hear sincere compliments and they kiss when they get compliments about their lips!

Here are some examples of complimenting a girls lips:

  1. I’ve never seen the most natural, perfect lips in my life
  2. I’m sure your lips taste like heaven
  3. My lips are irresistibly attracted to your angelic lips
  4. Your lips are so beautiful – they’re dangerous!
  5. I hope those lips don’t make me numb
  6. You have the fullest lips
  7. Women would pay a million dollars to get lips like yours [5]
  8. Your thin cherry lips are just so juicy and I find them wildly kissable
  9. You have the most perfect lips
  10. Your lips are impossibly beautiful
  11. You have the most perfectly shaped lips, my mind is totally blown

Your girl will get the point and if you lean in for the kiss at the right time, she’ll meet you halfway!

complimenting a girls lips so that she kisses you

10. Ask her to stand up to kiss you

I love asking girls indirectly because it gives them a chance to back away without making things awkward which gives me a second chance.

What do I mean by that? Well here are some examples:

  1. Tell her to stand on a bench without telling her why
  2. Tell her to sit on top of your pickup truck
  3. Tell her to stand up straight
  4. Tell her to get of her tippy toes

In all of these examples, you want to say it with a flirty smile and give her a slight wink so that she knows you’ve got a little surprise for her.


I can’t believe you made it here! I am so happy to help you out. But you need to be ready to help yourself out.

Getting good at kissing takes work and an especially high level of confidence. If you’re really committed to transforming your dating life get The Collection of Confidence course already!

It’ll make you a more confident, sexy and lovable man than you could ever imagine. Seriously, now it’s time to make your decision: are you going to change your life:

Yes or no?

Now is the time. Take action.

Your friend, 

Colt Smith

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