15 CONFIRMED Signs You Are NOT In The Friend Zone

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Learning all the signs that you are not in the friend zone is crucial because now you know if it’s time to take it to the next step with her…

Heck, she might even be ready to sleep with you tonight if you just pick up your courage and invite her over.

But if you don’t know if you’re in the friend zone or not, you can’t make decide if you are ready to sleep with her. And you might make the move on her making her think of you as a creep.

You definitely don’t want that to happen. That’s why you’ll learn the 15 signs that you are not in the friend zone.

(As I write this I can’t help but think about the post I wrote called how to tell if a girl likes you. It’s about the same thing, but if you’re looking for more about this topic, go check it out.)

1. She laughs at your jokes

The first sign is the simplest. Every girl automatically will do this when she feels attracted to you.

Even if you aren’t that funny your girl will burst out laughing. In a girls mind the more she’s attracted to you the more she’ll laugh at your jokes.

This also works the other way around. Studies have shown that if you can make a girl laugh she’ll start to like you more.

You’ll see that a lot of these signs work as a 2 way street just like this. [1, 2]

2. She teases or compliments you

This second sign is just another way of saying that she’s flirting with you. Flirting is the God of love and attraction. 

Here’s a rule that you must always remember: if she’s flirting with you are not in the friend zone, and teasing and complimenting you is just a way to flirt.

So what kind of things will she tell you?

  1. You’ve got bigger muscles today!
  2. You are so funny
  3. I feel so sexy around you
  4. I am so happy that you came today!
  5. You have the coolest friends
  6. I can’t stop thinking about you…

If she’s teasing you she might say something like this: 

  1. I’ve been too naughty and I need you to teach me a lesson
  2. Will you ever quit fantasizing about me naked!
  3. You are too weak to pin me down
  4. You couldn’t last 30 seconds inside me
  5. Wear some more respectable clothing around me!
  6. Clean up my room!

It’s all about flirting with you and that makes the connection with you, sometimes she might also flirt with you over text and that’s a strong sign too.

(The creator of this video is called Dan Bacon and he runs a YouTube channel with over 300,000 subscribers. He wrote the best book on seduction, attraction and dating called The Flow. I Highly recommend it)

3. She accidentally touches you

You’ve got to be aware of this one. You can’t assume that every girl that shakes your hand likes you and that you are no longer in the friend zone.

What I mean by accidental touches is accidental touches. She does it in a way that makes you wonder how it’s happening all the time. 

Maybe you’re thinking about flirting with her at work, but suddenly you notice that she’s always bumping, touching, or rubbing you in some way or another.

You know why? Because she’s waiting to kiss you too. You are way out of the friend zone. Make a move on her already, she’s getting impatient with you!

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4. She fits your qualifications

This step comes straight out of the rule book of approaching women. While you are approaching women one of the last steps you must follow is ask her qualifying questions.

What you are doing is making her prove to you that’s she’s good enough for you, here are examples of what you could ask her:

  1. I hope you are not the type of girl that spends all her money getting her nails done…
  2. I love working out, what do you do to look good?
  3. You look like the fun type of girl, although all of them say they are, what do you do that’s fun?
  4. Do you do anything in your life besides sitting around looking hot?
  5. So you are just looking to break someone else’s heart, am I right?
  6. So I guess your best friends would also call you boring…

As she is qualifying herself to you, she is actually convincing herself that she likes you. And what could be better than that?

In our case she might start asking you what you like about girls and what turns you on and the next day she’ll be telling you all about how she’s your dream girl.

She will go out of her way to prove to you that she fits your expectations with the hope that you’ll realize that and become her boyfriend.

5. Sends you hot pictures of herself

Here’s an easy and simple example: she tells you that she just got some new clothing and wants to hear what you think of them so she sends you a sexy pic of herself.

The funny part is that she also just got her nails and hair done and she’s revealing about as much as she can in that photo.

She doesn’t really want to know what you think of her new bra, she really just wants to impress you and make your friend down in your pants nice and hard.

She knows how hot she is and she also knows how she can electrify your libido by sending a quick picture to you. She’s doing it to get you ready for when she comes over…

If any girl does this you can be 10000% sure that you are not in the friend zone. No girl would ever do that for just a friend.

And by the way, why not compliment this girl’s picture before she comes over? [3, 4]

6. Staring at your groin area

Usually this happens while you sit down chatting at a party with this hot chick and you can’t stop noticing her staring at your crotch. 

She looks like a hungry monster because she can’t stop staring at it. Guess what, she is definitely hungry so why not let her ride your cock?

You know exactly what she’s fantasizing about. Another simple example is seeing her staring at your lips, although that is not so conclusive.

But if you see that she’s staring at your lips while biting her lips at the same time then there is no reason to “surprise” her and make out with her on the spot. 

It’s an open invitation to you, she needs you to accept it. By the way, you can’t be in the friend zone with a girl if you are making out with her…

7. She makes time for you

When a girl doesn’t like you she’ll make every excuse not to hang out with you. But now this girl is giving every sign that she’s in love with you by always making time for you.

If you’re going to the mall she’ll invite herself to come along with you. In fact, you might even get annoyed because she’s being too clingy.

The reason why she’s doing it is because she’s hungry for your time and attention. Your job is to give her exactly what she wants. 

8. She helps you out with your stuff

I know this sounds like something that a friend would do, but the reason why she’s always helping you out is because she’s too scared to get intimate with you yet.

You might need some help with your homework or need to clean up your place, but she’s always there to help you! 

The key is to get a romantic covert way. Let the sexual tension build up slowly to keep her feeling comfortable and when you feel the time is right, make your move on her.

9. She gives you a big hug

Simply speaking she’s hugging you because she likes you, but it also really depends on the type of hug.

If she lingers on you more than a couple seconds then she’s either completely in love with you or she’s playing with your mind with the hopes of seducing you.

Because like I mentioned earlier women know how desirable they are to men. That’s why this girl is hugging you so intensely.

She wants you to smell her and let you imagine what it would be to hold her naked. She wants you to feel her breasts and make you fantasize about them.

If you’re at this stage you won’t even be able to friend zone her if you tried because she’s too addicted to you and you can’t escape her.

10. She touches herself sensually

If you ever look up “how to seduce a guy” or “how to attract a man” you will know that every website tells girls to touch themselves in a sensual way.

For example:

  1. She touching her neck
  2. She caresses her arms delicately
  3. She plays and licks her lips
  4. She rubs her thighs
  5. She plays with her hair
  6. She caresses her fingers

These are all techniques that women use to seduce us. It makes our friend down in our pants get nice and hard.

Your girl knows this and that’s why she’s doing it to you. She wants to be more than a friend with you.

Start by doing all of the things she was doing to herself by touching her sensually and take it from there. If you aren’t sure how to move on from there I have the solution for you:

In this video, Joshua Pellier, the creator of The Tao of Badass course, will show you exactly what you need to do with every woman you meet.

I believe that the 90 minute video is still free of charge.

11. She smiles at you

It’s an easy way of seeing that she’s happy you are in her life. 

The way you can tell if she’s giving you an authentic smile or not is if her eyes are part of the smile too. If you can see her smiling from her eyes then it’s a real smile.

You get bonus points if she’s able to look into your eyes while having a conversation with you because it shows that she’s comfortable connecting with you at a deep level.

In addition, if her voice is higher-pitched while she’s speaking to you, she’s more than just a friend. In fact, studies have shown that women talk in a higher-pitched voice to a man they are attracted to.

12. She talks about personal details 

Another easy sign that you’re out of the friend zone is if she can’t stop talking to you about her life in every moment that she gets. 

The reason why she’s telling you all about her problems and the amazing things she’s done is to get your approval.

She’s crushing on you so much that you are like her daddy and she’s your little girl. She’s desperate for your love.

By telling you all about herself she’s trying to get you to be impressed or feel compassion for her. In fact, let her know that you are impress by her when she starts talking about herself.

Just compliment her, make her feel good about herself and make out with her later. You’ll be doing her a massive favor.

13. She acts weird around you

Another easy sign for you is her acting strangely or differently around you. You’ll see this happen when you walk into a room and suddenly it seems like she just got struck by lightning. 

She stands up straight and she looks like she’s about to get an anxiety attack. And while you walk by her she can’t speak English normally.

By now you know it’s because she’s super nervous around you. She has fantasized so much about you that she’s petrified of even talking to you.

That’s why she can’t be her usual self. All you need to do is make her feel more comfortable and start dating her.

14. She tries to seduce you

If a girl is really trying to seduce you do you really think that you are still in the friend zone? Of course not!

Let me show you what your girl will do to seduce you:

  1. She’ll wear the hottest lingerie 
  2. She’ll wear the sweetest perfume 
  3. She’ll talk in a soft, sensuous, feminine tone to turn you on

The 3rd one has the greatest effect on men and when you see her doing it remember what you learned and make a move on her. She just gave you an open invitation.

15. Asking about your apartment or hotel

The last sign that I have for you and I consider it the clearest sign of them all and when she does this she’s screaming “bang me now.”

You might think that you’re just friends with her, but for some reason every time you grab a drink with her she’s always asking you where you are living or what hotel you’re at.

She’s simply asking because she wants to figure out how to get over to your place. This is about the closest thing to a girl saying let’s have sex.

But most girls are too ashamed to say that so they are quiet about it, but when she tells you this I swear you are not in the friend zone.

And the only thing you should be thinking about is banging her.


Now that you know you aren’t in the friend zone and you are pleasantly surprised that she’s in love with you, what do you do now?

Very simple, make her your girlfriend, friends with benefits or whatever you want. She’s the needy one, you get to decide what goes down.

OK, it’s not THAT simple, that’s why I am going to give you the link to a 90 minute video that my mentor Joshua Pellicer made.

Joshua Pellicer is the boss when it comes to dating. I won’t tell you his whole story, but he came from very humble beginnings and can now seduce any women he desires.

In the video you’ll learn everything that you need to know to get this girl in your bed and make her a very, very naughty girl.

If you decide that he’s legit and you trust him, he has a seduction course too, but you’ll learn more about that in the video.

Good luck my friend,


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